The Bachelor bachelorette Sarah Herron was given the first seventeenth-season one-on-one date with The Bachelor star Sean Lowe during Monday night's broadcast on ABC.

Sarah, a 26-year-old advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA, was thrilled to have been chosen first because she believed it was a sign that Sean really wanted to get to know her better and didn't care that she only has one arm. At the end of their date, Sean offered Sarah a rose and gave her a lengthy kiss, fulfilling her dream of a "fairytale" date during which she had admitted she was falling in love with the Bachelor.

During a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Sarah talked about her The Bachelor experience thus far. Click here to read what she had to tell Reality TV World. Below are some additional highlights from her call. Check back with Reality TV World on Monday for more.

What was your opinion of how Sean handed out roses throughout the evening on the first night, and how were you feeling?

Sarah Herron: Well the first night, Sean obviously chose a different strategy for handing out the roses and it was a complete shocker. I mean, I was very confused and thrown off by what was going on. You know, Tierra LiCausi got the first impression rose, or so we thought, and then as I saw the roses continued to be handed out, I think I got a little tense and got nervous.

I think it kind of put all the girls on edge and we were not really sure what was going on. It also kind of upped the ante on the competition, and everybody knew that our time was valuable and we had to get our time with Sean. So it was definitely a change of routine and it was a complete shocker.

What qualities do you see in Sean that made you feel he's a good match for you?

Sarah Herron: I think so highly of Sean. And the moment I knew he was going to be the Bachelor, I just thought, "He's the kind of guy I'm looking for." He's 100% percent authentic and genuine and has a very big heart. And he's a gentleman, and he's patient, and he has an awesome sense of humor, and he's a prankster.

He's just kind of the whole package. He's athletic and sporty and enjoys activities and he's creative and he's passionate and compassionate, and he's just got this whole laundry list of qualities that I've been looking for in a man.

So obviously you knew who Sean was and had probably seen the show before you went on it. Was there anything in your mind that you told yourself you wouldn't do -- like not get in the hottub or something -- just something you knew you wouldn't do?

Sarah Herron: Hmm, you know, I'm kind of a modest person to begin with, and I know that there has been instances where girls can go on the show and lose their inhibitions a little bit and maybe do things to embarrass themselves. And so, that was my No. 1 concern, is I just wanted to be mindful of my actions and the way I was portraying myself on the show.

I never said, "I will never get in the hottub," or, "I will never drink a glass of champagne." I just wanted everything to be on a level that I was comfortable with and that I felt I had control over the way I was behaving, and that was it. Everything else was open game and I was down for any sort of adventure or date or challenge. I signed up for the full package and I was open for anything.
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After the second episode, Twitter was blowing up about Lindsay Yenter showing up in the wedding dress and a couple crazy comments Tierra had made so far. So, I just wanted to get your take on Lindsay and maybe Amanda Meyer?

Sarah Herron: As far as Lindsay showing up in the wedding dress, I think just naturally, it's going to be a little off-putting to the other women in the house. It's just making a bold statement and it kind of can make the other women defensive and it's just bold. It was a very bold move.

But I think we all learned very quickly that Lindsay only has the best intentions and she's the sweetest girl in the entire world. So it was never meant to hurt anyone or rub anything in our faces. She was just there to make an impression on Sean like the rest of us, and so, you can't blame her! It worked!

And as far as Amanda, living in a house of girls is tough. It's tough. And everybody, I think, has their moments at some point where you just kind of embrace and need your personal space, you know? I think she just kind of had that moment, where you just kind of, I don't know, get a little cranky or emotional.

I don't think Amanda's a terrible person. She's actually very sweet and it's unfortunate that so many of the girls saw her in this negative light. But you know, she's a great girl and I think she'll be okay. I think she's going to turn out fine throughout the rest of the season.

What do you think about Tierra's comments thus far?

Sarah Herron: I think Tierra's just having trouble living [and competing with other girls], which she's openly stated. And that's okay. Like I said, it's not easy. However, I think when you're signing up to be living in a house with up to 25 females who are dating the same guy as you, you don't need to be their best friend, but you're not going to have the same enjoyable, enriching experience if you're making enemies.

It's much easier to be friendly and cordial and get along with everybody, and you're going to have a much better time if you're a likable person as opposed to having your guard up and just kind of pushing people away. Girls don't want to be pushed away. We naturally want to be friendly with everyone.

Were the girls weird in any way about your situation? Did you ever feel the girls weren't as accepting of your one arm as Sean seemed to be?

Sarah Herron: Mhmm, you know what? I am interested in that as well because the girls were actually very, very, very sweet and welcoming and encouraging and immediately just bonded with me so well.

And I feel like it's very strange how close I got with the girls and they always wanted me to succeed and do well and feel confident and beautiful and brave, and I'm so fortunate that there were such wonderful girls in the house that made me feel that way.

Because definitely coming on the show, it was hard and I was very nervous. I knew I was putting myself out there and America was going to see me in my most vulnerable state and going through a lot of learning about myself.

The girls were just wonderful, so if any one of them thought it was bizarre or off-putting or any of them had concerns or comments about me, they definitely kept that to themselves and never, ever made it an issue to my face.

Did you feel an attraction towards Sean right when you first met him and thought, "Hey we could end up working out?"

Sarah Herron: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, being chosen as the first girl to go on a date just -- It made me feel like just the most lucky girl in the world, honestly. I felt so special and I felt even stronger about Sean that he would consider me to be -- that he would consider me for this cool adventure date and he was so interested in me.

And we actually did have a great connection, as you saw last week. I really liked him and I could definitely picture myself as early as that night building a future with him. So, yeah, I definitely felt sparks with him right away. It was a whirlwind of a day for sure.

Click here to read what Sarah had to tell Reality TV World. Above are some additional highlights from her call with reporters. Check back with Reality TV World on Monday for more.