The Bachelor star Chris Soules eliminated Juelia Kinney during the nineteenth season's fourth Rose Ceremony.

Juelia, a 30-year-old esthetician from Portland, OR, was best known on the show for being a caring, sweet single mom whose husband had tragically committed suicide.

After ousting Juelia, Ashley Salter and Nikki Delventhal at the Rose Ceremony, Juelia was the only bachelorette whom Chris wanted to walk out. He said he had a lot of respect for her and found her beautiful both on the inside and out. When Chris discovered his feelings weren't as strong for Juelia as they should be, he decided to send her home so she could be with her daughter. 

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Juelia talked to Reality TV World about her The Bachelor experience. To read what she had to say, click here. Below is the concluding portion of her interview. 

The moment you shared your story with Chris seemed like a pivotal moment for you in grieving, healing and moving forward. Was that cathartic for you and how has that impacted your life now? Have you been dating since you left the show?

Juelia Kinney: I will say that you seeing me share those feelings about what happened in my life with Chris, obviously you saw it was an emotional thing for me to talk about.

But the fact of the matter is, I really have truly moved on with my life and that's one of the reasons why I decided to go on the show, because I really am at a point where I'm just looking forward to the future and not so much at what happened.

But, you know, whenever I do talk about it, it's a difficult topic because what happened is truly tragic. But as far as healing goes, I mean, I would say I already felt like I was in a really good place before I went on the show. And then as far as dating goes, I am open to dating. I have not found anyone that I really want to spend a lot of my time with, just because I'm definitely looking for the right person for my life.

Chris, at the end of Monday night's episode, confronted everybody to make sure everyone knew he was there to find a wife and they could go home if they doubted him. Britt Nilsson had previously told him people felt uncomfortable and considered leaving at the end of the camping group date. Did you feel that way or do you remember anyone else saying anything that would warrant Britt's statement?

Juelia Kinney: I was just as surprised as everyone else watching the show when he said that at the time. I had no idea what he was referring to. I didn't talk to any of the girls that were saying they wanted to leave. Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about. So, it was a shock to me just like it was to everyone else.

A lot of the focus this season has been on Ashley Salter and her very bizarre behavior. Could you explain what you saw of her in the house?

Juelia Kinney: You know, Ashley S. is -- I personally did have some interesting conversations with her, but what I think people don't see about her is that she is one of the sweetest people that I've ever met and she personally talked to me about Ireland, my daughter, and that she's going to pray for Ireland individually. And honestly, it's kind of sad that people don't see the other side of her, which is just a really sweet girl.
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Was there anything about your experience on The Bachelor that ended up being completely different from your expectations when you first decided to go on the show?

Juelia Kinney: I really didn't have any idea what to expect when doing something like this. I just went on the show just really excited to see if I had a connection with Chris, and that was the only thing that I thought about really, I guess, and I had no idea what to expect.

(Laughs) I can say that I had an amazing experience and it was definitely a unique experience -- something I'll never forget. But yeah, as far as expectations, I really didn't have any. So, it was just a really good experience, probably because I didn't think a lot about what was going to happen.

Would you ever consider going on a show like Bachelor in Paradise?

Juelia Kinney: Um, yeah! I definitely would consider doing something else just because the people that I've met are people that I'm going to know for the rest of my life, and it was just a really, really positive experience. And so, yeah, I would definitely consider doing something.

What has the fan reaction been since you shared your story on the show? Did you feel like there was a nice outpouring of support?

Juelia Kinney: Gosh, I can't even tell you how overwhelmed I am by the amount of support I've received. I guess I kind of wasn't expecting so many people to reach out to me. But you know what?

It really made me feel like what I did was a good thing, and I think that it helped a lot of people to know that people do go through really hard and tragic things, but there is light on the other side and there are better days. I think that you can't stop bad things from happening to us, but we can choose how to live our lives.

And I think that people have just really been sweet and caring about telling me how they're really proud of how far I'm come and that they are really hopeful that I find love. It's been really sweet and I know that, you know, when people go through tragedy at such a young age, I think it's hard for them to relate to a lot of people because it's not a common thing to have happened.

And so, for me to talk publicly about what happened to me, I think some people going through a really hard time have felt they are not alone. I think that's a blessing, actually, that I was able to share and help these people. It makes me feel really good to make them feel better.

What do you feel like you and Chris had in common the most?

Juelia Kinney: Gosh, I would say the thing we had most in common was just love for family and children. We talked a lot about Ireland and he talked about his nieces and nephews and how much he wants a family and how excited he is. And yeah, he's a really good guy. We laughed a lot and he has a great sense of humor. He's very deep, and yeah!

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