The Bachelor bachelorette Ashley Iaconetti, a 26-year-old nanny and freelance journalist from Wayne, NJ, is apparently a very big fan of Britt Nilsson even though it was clear Chris Soules was wrapped up in her.

Chris has seemed smitten with Britt, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, CA, since the beginning of the season. Ever since then, he's spent special moments and alone time with her that the other bachelorettes were denied -- from a hotel room nap and hot air balloon ride to a Big & Rich concert.

Ashley, on the other hand, fought for Chris' attention the whole way through. He eliminated her during a two-on-one date, during which he also sent home her arch nemesis Kelsey Poe.

During a Thursday conference call, Ashley talked to Reality TV World about Britt and her connection with the Bachelor.

Reality TV World: When Chris sent you home for not fitting in with his farm lifestyle, you questioned why he'd think Britt would be any different. Besides the fact she's from Hollywood, what about her gave you that impression? Did she ever actually say anything to you girls about potentially living on a farm, and if so, did you think Britt was fooling herself or fooling Chris?

Ashley Iaconetti: No, Britt was always completely nice. It was almost like -- she really was just a nice girl. But if he was judging me based on the same stuff, like my appearance and how I like makeup and fashion and I'm from a big metropolitan area, then he should've been judging Britt for the same thing. It's not that, you know, because he didn't even get to know beyond much of that.

Reality TV World: Do you think Britt had real, strong feelings for Chris or do you think, like reports have claimed, she just appeared on the show to help her acting career or maybe become the next Bachelorette? And when you were on the show, did you get the vibe Chris was falling in love with her already? Like Whitney Bischoff mentioned it had become the "Britt and Chris" show.

Ashley Iaconetti: I knew that Chris was really physically attracted to Britt, and honestly, I have a girl crush on Britt. I could sit there and look at that face all day. (Laughs) But do I think? -- I just have no proof as to her beyond the show and whether [she had] any career aspirations. She was only nice to me and I have nothing to think she was there for the wrong reasons.

Reality TV World: Britt told Chris that she could see herself becoming a mom and having many children very soon, yet I remember other girls in the house commenting on how Britt said she wasn't ready for any of that and wasn't even sure if she wanted those things for herself in general. What's your take on that? Did you catch wind of any conversation like that?

Ashley Iaconetti: Actually, I'm very appreciative of this question. Yeah, I did hear Britt saying that she was "in no hurry" to get married and have kids, whereas the other girls in the house, it was something that was on their timeline for the more immediate future. I never said anything about Britt not wanting it in general. I'm just saying she didn't want it as urgently as some of the rest of the girls.

Also during the call, Ashley told reporters whether she thought it was fair he whisked Britt off for over an hour to watch Big & Rich play live. Did she view Britt as a threat?

The girls reacted strongly when Chris whisked Britt away to the Big & Rich concert for over an hour without telling anyone. Even Kaitlyn Bristowe cried, and she seemed to be one of the tough cookies on the show. Do you think Chris was being fair with his actions and do you think he definitely gave certain girls special treatment?

Ashley Iaconetti: I understand why the girls were upset. They came home that night and they were all so very upset. I think just, you know, based on my thoughts watching the past few weeks, I think it was more of a buildup from the week before with Chris and Britt having their alone time in his hotel for two hours. That, plus the concert, made it seem like he's giving her special treatment.
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Did you view Britt as a frontrunner?

Ashley Iaconetti: I think I saw her as a frontrunner from Day 1 when she got the first-impression rose.

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About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.