The Bachelor bachelorette Ashley Iaconetti, a 26-year-old nanny and freelance journalist from Wayne, NJ, was eliminated by Chris Soules during a two-on-one date with her arch nemesis Kelsey Poe.

Ashley got very emotional all season and often referred to herself as a princess. She was known for wearing heavy makeup and getting dolled up, so Chris finally assumed she wouldn't fit into his lifestyle on his farm in Arlington.

During a Thursday conference call, Ashley talked about her The Bachelor experience. Below is a portion of her interview. Check back with Reality TV World soon for more.  

Reality TV World: A recent Life & Style report claims Chris' final decision was going with his head over his heart. He reportedly chose practicality -- a girl who would love life in Arlington -- over a bachelorette he really loved. Based on what you got to know about Chris, could you see him making that type of choice, especially given his reasoning for letting you go?

Ashley Iaconetti: No, I think Chris is really there to find love. He's a hopeless romantic. He really emphasized how much real love meant to him and that's why he had been waiting so long. He's 33 and has wanted that life for so long before now.

Reality TV World: Looking back on your show experience, you were often worried about how Chris would view your virginity -- whether he'd really be okay with it or not. Now that you've gotten to watch some of the season back, what do you think Chris' perspective was and do you think he'd treat or react to [Becca Tilley]'s situation the same way?

Ashley Iaconetti: I do expect him to react to Becca's situation -- if it's ever brought up to him -- the same way as he did with me. I was particularly nervous about telling him just because some guys have not taken the fact I'm a virgin in necessarily a positive light in my past.

I guess looking back at the show and his reaction, at least what he says in the interviews, he's making me believe that he thinks it's a positive thing.

Reality TV World: In one of your interviews recently, you mentioned you could see either Whitney Bischoff or Becca ending up with Chris. Could you elaborate more on why that is? Do you think it's just because they'd be the most willing to live on a farm or is there more to it than that?

Ashley Iaconetti: I feel like they're both southern girls. Becca is from Louisiana, Whitney is from Kentucky. They did have that Southern Belle thing going for them. They are genuinely two of the sweetest, nicest people I've ever met. It's almost like, "Are you real?!" They are great and they're poised and respectable. They're just stand-up girls and I feel like they have the type of personality that Chris would appreciate.

There have been a lot of Kardashian references thrown around. Who is hotter -- you or Kim Kardashian?

Ashley Iaconetti: Kim is definitely hotter than me. (Laughs)

Would you ever consider dating a rapper like Kim?
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Ashley Iaconetti: A rapper, like Kim? (Laughs) If he's a rapper, if he's a computer specialist, it doesn't matter who it is or what his occupation is as long as I love him.

After watching it play out on TV, do you still think Kelsey Poe's panic attack was fake?

Ashley Iaconetti: You know, I can't say for sure. I'm not Kelsey and I'm not one of the medics that was around her. But I just think it was a fishy time to faint in that situation.

Chris sent you home because he didn't think you'd be happy with his lifestyle on a farm. Do you agree with his reasoning?

Ashley Iaconetti: I don't think that Chris really got to know me well enough to really determine that, however, I would move to a farm, I would move to Arlington if he were the one -- if he were the true love of my life. But I think both of us knew at that point that wasn't going to happen.

Do you have any regrets about telling Chris that Kelsey didn't gel with the rest of the girls?

Ashley Iaconetti: I absolutely have no regrets telling Chris that. I think it was something he needed to know and that all the girls wanted him to know. And I absolutely don't think it determined whether or not I was going to leave on that two-on-one date.

I heard Jenny McCarthy joking around about you being a nanny for her son. Could you tell us a little bit more about that? Was she being serious?

Ashley Iaconetti: I babysit for Evan on occasion. It's not really anything, but he is the sweetest, funniest kid I've ever babysat for. It's just like, the things that he says are so entertaining. And I love him; He's amazing to be with.

Chris Harrison said recently "Ashley is obsessed with Ashley" when talking about your stint on the show. What's your reaction to that? And how do you feel you've been portrayed on the show?

Ashley Iaconetti: Well, my friends and family know who I really am, and they would definitely not say that I'm obsessed with Ashley. I'm very caring of other people. And I think it's interesting Chris Harrison would say that because I never interacted with him and he's basically just seeing what everyone is seeing on TV, which is an edited version of myself.

At the end of the last episode, Kelsey was saying you're a fake, evil person and that it will be "crucifixion" when she sees you at The Women Tell All. What's your side of that story? We seem to see more of her perspective on that than yours. 

Ashley Iaconetti: Well, I was pretty shocked to see that Kelsey already sat down and talked with Chris Harrison. Keep in mind that every quote that is said, especially in previews for the next episode, are edited. So we don't really know if she's referring to me. But The Women Tell All next week should be interesting, especially if she does show up -- which, for some reason, I doubt it.

Before you left Chris on the two-on-one date, you called Britt Nilsson out. Is there anyone else in the cast you think might be there for the wrong reasons?

Ashley Iaconetti: No, I got to tell you, Chris has a great bunch left. I'm really excited to see the relationships that still exist continue to develop.

Were you expecting to be so emotional on the show? How was your experience on The Bachelor overall?

Ashley Iaconetti: It was the best experience of my life. People see a lot of tears, but there was so much more laughter than tears. You know, you only get to see two hours of what gets filmed during an entire week, and like I said, it was the best experience of my life.

I would never take it back. I am a very emotional person. I did expect to cry a lot. Ask any of my family or friends, crying is something I do when I express myself. But, you know, it doesn't mean that it wasn't a great experience.

Did you or any of the other girls kind of have a fantasy about what life on a farm would be like? Maybe you girls weren't thinking realistically?

Ashley Iaconetti: Well, all I can say is that after the first day I met Chris, I went back to my hotel room that night -- because that's where we stayed that first night -- and before I fell asleep, I just daydreamed about this big house on the farm with kids, and then the crush was immediate. I guess that is kind of a fantasy.

How do you think Chris would be in New York City? We see a lot of what the women would be like in the country but not the other way around.

Ashley Iaconetti: I think all of us went in knowing that Chris moving away from the farm wasn't a real possibility.

The show focused a lot on your virginity and it seemed like an important issue to you. Did that make your experience in college difficult with all of its temptations and what not?

Ashley Iaconetti: Well, it's definitely a private topic. I never meant for it to be discussed as much as it was, but I am very proud of it. It was my choice to wait for the right guy.

And in college, I did my undergrad at James Madison University and I'm a girl who doesn't like parties and just likes hanging out with her family and friends on the couch or going to dinner. So, I really went home every weekend in college and I stayed away from the party scene. It's just not my natural habitat.

And then at Syracuse, I had a really close group of friends and I never felt pressured to even -- I never felt any pressure to have sex in college or grad school or anything like that. I was just waiting for the right guy.

So was that your reason for waiting?

Ashley Iaconetti: Yeah. It's just that I am a hopeless romantic and I'm waiting for the right guy. I never had the urge to just, yeah, I'm waiting for the right guy. It's very simple.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for more from Ashley's interview.

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