The Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn has revealed which woman on Ben Higgins' season would make the best The Bachelorette star.

On The Bachelor's currently-airing 20th season, Higgins still has Becca Tilley, Lauren Bushnell, Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton and Emily Ferguson in the running for his heart. Another possible choice fans have been talking about is Jubilee Sharpe, a war veteran who got eliminated during a group date in Mexico.

Despite the fact Molzahn was rumored to be dating Higgins in September of last year, she told Us Weekly that she just has a strong friendship with the Bachelor and hopes he finds the love of his life because he's more than deserving.

So when asked which bachelorette would be the best pick for Higgins, Molzahn insisted that knowing Higgins, she'd choose Bushnell, a 25-year-old flight attendant from Marina Del Rey, CA, for him.

And then when Molzahn was asked which woman might make the best Bachelorette for Season 12, the three-time Bachelor franchise contestant replied, "Maybe Caila."

"It's hard to say yet," Molzahn explained to Us, "because I think all the frontrunners are still kind of hiding in the wings with all the attention going elsewhere right now."

The so-called "villains" of this season -- such as Lace Morris, Olivia Caridi and Leah Block -- received most of the airtime this season. However, Higgins is left with women who are undoubtedly serious about the process and already falling in love with him.

Higgins had two one-on-one dates so far this season with Quinn, a 23-year-old software sales representative from Hudson, OH, who is extremely bubbly and beautiful.

Higgins, however, tried to crack the surface with the bachelorette who's always smiling during the latest episode, and he succeeded. Although Quinn was a little confusing when trying to communicate her deepest feelings, Higgins respected the fact she showed an authentic side to herself and has many layers.

Quinn attempted to tell Higgins that she was falling in love with him, but at the same time, feared she'd hurt him since his biggest insecurity is being unlovable.

Molzahn is currently dating Taylor Leopold, a prodcut line manager for a sandal company whom she met through a friend. She recently acknowledged he's the man she's "going to marry."  

Molzahn initially vied for Jake Pavelka's heart on Season 14 of The Bachelor and finished as the runner-up.

After competing on Bachelor Pad and experiencing traumatic heartbreak from her split with longtime boyfriend Kiptyn Locke, Molzahn decided to put herself out there again and join the second-season cast of Bachelor in Paradise. She fell for Joshua Alberts in Paradise but broke up with him on the last day of filming.
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