The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' returning fourteenth-season Racers Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew ran a good leg and finished in first place during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's all-stars edition.

The "Friends" team, who originally competed on The Amazing Race's fourteenth season, arrived at the eighteenth edition of the around-the-world competition's eighth Pit Stop at Villa Trapp in Salzburg, Austria prior to the five other remaining teams.

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' eighth episode began where the seventh episode had left off -- with the competition's six remaining teams leaving the Race's seventh Pit Stop at Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi, India.

Since they had been the team to finish in first place at the Pit Stop in Varanasi, India, fifteenth-season "Harlem Globetrotters" Nathaniel "The Big Easy" Lofton and Herbert "Flight Time" Lang were the first team to depart from Varanasi at 2:07AM.

They were then followed by Zev and Justin at 2:12AM, fourteenth-season "Sisters" Jennifer Hoffman and LaKisha Hoffman at 2:53AM, seventeenth-season "Father and Daughter" team of Gary Ervin and Mallory Ervin at 3:30AM, sixteenth-season "Cowboys" team of Jet McCoy and his brother Cord McCoy at 3:35AM, and twelfth-season "Dating Goths" Vyxsin Fiala and Kent Kaliber (who was known as Kynt Cothron during his initial Race edition) at 3:44AM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to fly to Vienna, Austria and choose a brand-new 2012 Ford Focus where they would receive their next clue.

All the teams rushed to a travel agency and learned there were two flight options they could to take. The first flight would connect through Delhi and land in Vienna at 6AM, while the second option would connect through Delhi and Mumbai, landing in Vienna at 5:35AM.

The flight landing in Vienna at 5:35AM was the obvious faster flight of the two available, however Jet and Cord were skeptical that the quicker connector flight would actually land on time without any delays.

"Every flight we've been on in this country has been delayed by 20 to 30 minutes, so I don't know if it's worth the risk," Jet said.

Therefore, all five teams chose to take the faster flight landing at 5:35AM, but Jet and Cord -- thinking it was their safest bet despite the initial 25-minute setback -- chose to take the flight that would land in Vienna at 6AM.

"We are lone rangers again. When you're all alone, it's either you're gonna win big or lose big," Cord explained.

However, the flight to Vienna with the five teams onboard landed on time and they all raced to the parking lot where they found their Ford vehicles. Kent and Vyxsin were the first team to arrive at their Ford Focus, and they were followed by Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, and Flight Time and Big Easy.

Jet and Cord's flight landed soon after at 6AM and they finally reached their Ford Focus behind the others.
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The teams opened their clue and learned they would receive directions from their Ford Focus Touch System. To figure out the clues to their next destination, the teams were required to put the car into reverse to automatically activate the backup camera.

The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan -- who appeared on the Touch Screen to explain the instructions -- also told the teams the winning team of the leg would receive a new 2012 Ford Focus car. 

The teams began backing their cars up and noticed words and letters appearing in the backup camera as they drove over them in the pavement. They then had to decipher the clue, discovering they must drive to the castle Schloss Schallaburg. Zev and Justin were the first team to make sense of the clues, and they were followed by Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen, Flight Time and Big Easy.

Gary and Mallory had trouble figuring out what was required of them and didn't realize the clue would appear in the backup camera. Instead, they believed the clue would be revealed from the vehicle's navigation system. As a result, Jet and Cord were able to catch up, but Gary and Mallory finally figured out the clues just before Jet and Cord had arrived in the parking lot.

Jet, knowing he and his brother were in trouble and lagging behind in last place said, "We can't make any mistakes."

Zev and Justin were the first team to arrive at the castle Schloss Schallaburg and were followed by Kisha and Jen, Kent and Vyxsin, Flight Time and Big Easy, Gary and Mallory, and Jet and Cord.

A princess summoned the teams to approach her and handed them their next clue by revealing a stamped page on the inside cover of a giant book. The stamp directed the teams to drive to the National Library in Vienna.

Zev and Justin, maintaining their lead, arrived at the library in first place and delivered the book they picked up at the castle in exchange for their next clue. Following the team of "Friends" were Kisha and Jen, Gary and Mallory, Flight Time and Big Easy, Kent and Vyxsin, and Jet and Cord. 

After retrieving their next clues, the teams learned it was time for them to complete one of the leg's two Detour tasks: "Long Hard Walk" or "Quick and Easy Meal."

"Long Hard Walk" required the teams to make their way to the Freud Museum, the former home and office of Sigmund Freud. Once there, the teams would have to work together to transport an analyst's couch one mile to the school where Freud once studied and later lectured, the University of Vienna. Once the teams delivered the couch, they would then receive their next clue.

"Quick and Easy Meal" required the teams to make their way to the Wiener Riesenrad, a giant ferris wheel made famous in the Orsen Welles' film The Third Man. Once there, the teams would have to pick up two local meals and enter one of the dining cars and then, accompanied by traditional Viennese music, must eat all the food during one 12-minute rotation of the ferris wheel to receive their next clue.

Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, and Gary and Mallory opted to do the "Quick and Easy Meal," while Flight Time and Big Easy, Kent and Vyxsin, Jet and Cord selected "Long Hard Walk."

The teams that chose "Quick and Easy Meal" soon discovered the task was quick, but certainly not easy. All three teams had a lot of trouble attempting to finish their meals fast enough before the ride ended, and not one of them were able to fully eat their entire meals in time.

"Quick and Easy Meal" turned out to be the more difficult of the two tasks, as Kisha and Jen and Zev and Justin were faced with the decision to start over and get two new whole meals or switch to the other Detour task. Both teams chose to switch to delivering couches, and Gary and Mallory were soon in the same position.

Upon arriving at the task, Gary and Mallory saw Kisha and Jen and Zev and Justin as they were leaving and were told by the teams that it was not a hard task, while Justin acknowledged the food was "good tasting." Gary and Mallory chose to go for it, but they also failed to finish their plates.

Meanwhile, Jet and Cord were well on their way to delivering their couch, and Gary and Mallory slipped into last place. Gary and Mallory then knew they had to complete the other side of the Detour task, and although Gary was originally confident he could eat enough food for his whole team, he knew he was wrong and admitted to Mallory he shouldn't have convinced her to attempt the food eating task to begin with.

"Whenever you have to do both sides of the Detour, that's bad. You really let people catch up," Gary said afterward.

Kent and Vyxsin were having trouble carrying their couch, as Kent kept complaining it was hard and he continuously had to put it down and rest. Vyxsin said Kent sounded like a "ridiculous whining baby." However, Flight Time and Big Easy used their strength to their advantage and had an easy time completing the Detour task.

Flight Time and Big Easy were the first team to complete the Detour, and they were followed by Kent and Vyxsin, Kisha and Jen, Jet and Cord, Zev and Justin, and Gary and Mallory.

Once they completed the Detour tasks, the teams received new clues that instructed them to drive to the heart of Old Town Salzburg and find the Sternbrau restaurant.

Kent and Vyxsin kept bickering and it became apparent Vyxsin was growing very frustrated with Kent. Vyxsin tried to tell Kent the directions of how to get to the Sternbrau restaurant from the backseat, but she said Kent wasn't listening and took a few wrong turns as a result.

"I cannot deal with your psycho behavior! You're just ignoring me completely and driving around in circles. If we get eliminated today, I swear to God I'm never going to speak to you again," Vyxsin firmly told Kent.

Flight Time and Big Easy were the first team to arrive at the restaurant. They were then followed by Zev and Justin, Kisha and Jen, Kent and Vyxsin, Jet and Cord, and Gary and Mallory.

The teams opened their clue and learned they needed to complete a Roadblock task, which required one member from each team to take part in the time-honored tradition of chimney sweeping. They would be required to put on a chimney sweep uniform, climb on the roof and then use a specialized weighted tool to clean out their chimney. Once they finished the routine, they must head to the cleanout door, open it, and retrieve their next clue.

Big Easy, Zev, Cord, Vyxsin, Kisha and Gary opted to do the task for their teams.

The teams seemed to complete the Roadblock task fairly quickly and without much difficulty, as they used metal tools attached to a long rope to clean their chimneys. They dropped the bristled, weighted tool into their chimneys and then pulled it back out to clean it.

Flight Time and Big Easy were the first team to complete the Roadblock, and they were followed by Zev and Justin, Jen and Kisha, Kent and Vyxsin, Jet and Cord, and Gary and Mallory.

After the teams opened their clue upon completion of the task, they learned they must drive across Salzburg to the Pit Stop at Villa Trapp, the real home of the Von Trapp family portrayed in the film The Sound of Music.

Although Flight Time and Big Easy were able to keep their lead for much of the Race's eighth leg, they got very lost on the way to Villa Trapp, allowing Zev and Justin to passed them on the way to the Pit Stop.

Zev and Justin were the first team to make it to the Pit Stop mat and arrive at Villa Trapp, as they were greeted by Phil. As a reward for finishing first, Zev and Justin each won a new 2012 Ford Focus car.

"We're absolutely thrilled to have won those cars," Justin said.

Flight Time and Big Easy were the next team to arrive, securing second place.

Kent and Vyxsin subsequently arrived at the Pit Stop ahead of Kisha and Jen in third place, as Kisha and Jen slipped behind them along the way and ended up finishing the leg in fourth place.

However, Jet and Cord realized they were right on Kisha and Jen's tails because they were driving directly behind them to the Pit Stop. They then found Phil what seemed to be only seconds after Kisha and Jen had arrived, and Phil revealed to Jet and Cord they had managed to make it to the Pit Stop in fifth place.

Gary and Mallory then finished the Race's eighth leg in sixth and last place, hoping for the chance they would receive some good news despite the odds.

"Gary and Mallory, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you that it has put you at the back of the pack, but not out of the Race. This is a non-elimination leg," Phil told Gary and Mallory.

"Oh wow! Oh Dad!" Mallory said in excitement as she hugged her father.

"But that means there is an extra challenge that you have to do in the next leg of the Race. This is called a Speedbump. So, you're going to have to work extra hard to stay in this Race," Phil said.

"Alright!" Mallory said.

"We can't even tell you how happy we were to go in the Race the first time, come on the Race the second time, and then to have a third chance at the Race? It's the biggest blessing ever in the world. Third time's the charm! When you get something that big, you gotta do something with it. So, now we gotta win. I got faith."