The Amazing Race's "College Sweethearts" team of Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath survived a non-elimination leg during Friday night's seventh broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.

Tim and Te Jay were not eliminated from the around-the-world competition although they had arrived at the Race's seventh Pit Stop at Villa Niscemi, and eighteenth-century home in Palermo, Sicily, in last place.

"To travel the world and stay in the Race, it's all we really want. Tim and Te are dynamite. We have a short fuse but we're ready to explode and rock on!" Tim said after learning his team was safe.

"We don't give up. We put our heart and soul into it and we just fight through it," Te Jay added.

The seventh episode of The Amazing Race's 25th season began with "Married Dentists" Misti Raman and Jim Raman leaving the sixth Pit Stop in first place at 9:44PM.

Misti and Jim ripped open the leg's first clue and learned they must fly to Palermo, Sicily and make their way to Teatro di Verdura.

The dentists were then followed by "Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks at 11:29PM, "Urban Bike Racers" Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe at 11:31PM, Tim and Te Jay at 12:04AM, and "Dating Pro Wrestlers" Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss at 12:29AM. The departure time for "Food Scientists" Amy DeJong and Maya Warren was not shown.

Misti and Jim rushed to a travel agency in downtown Marrakech and discovered the earliest flight to Palermo didn't land until 8PM. They booked it, as did Kym and Alli, who managed to get second in line.

Tim and Te Jay and Adam and Bethany got stuck with a flight landing in Palermo 40 minutes behind the first two teams. Amy and Maya joined them after Brooke and Robbie had also booked seats on the second flight.

Before getting on the plane, Kym and Alli wrote "Team No Fun" on the foggy rear window of Misti and Jim's car. They thought it was hilarious and weren't the biggest fans of the dentists.

The next morning, all the teams took off together for Rome, and then caught their separate connections to Sicily. 

Ironically, Misti and Jim and Kym and Alli joined forces and shared a taxi despite their differences. The teams weren't close to one another, but they knew it would be advantageous to work together. When the second flight touched down, the teams jetted off into separate cabs.
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The dentists and cyclists arrived at Teatro di Verdura at the same time and found a group playing music as well as tambourines hanging outside with the following departure times: 6:30AM, 6:40AM and 6:50AM. The two teams grabbed the earliest 6:30AM departure times and celebrated their lead.

Shortly thereafter, the other teams arrived. Brooke and Robbie signed up for the 6:40AM time with Amy and Maya, while Adam and Bethany and Tim and Te Jay got stuck with the 6:50AM departure time.

The teams then received their next set of clues, which instructed them to make their way to Villa Costanza and search for their next clue. Misti and Jim went their own way, leaving Kym and Alli alone. It was clear their team work had come to an end. 

Amy and Maya struggled to secure a taxi, but Brooke and Robbie had even worse luck nailing one down. Robbie noted the other teams had left 30 minutes ago, so they apparently lost a lot of time waiting for a cab. Adam and Bethany experienced a similar problem, as did Tim and Te Jay.

Brooke and Robbie were the last team on the street and got extremely frustrated. They didn't find a cab until about 10 minutes after seeing Amy and Maya drive by in one. Brooke said the taxis always killed them.

Misti and Jim and Kym and Alli maintained their lead and arrived at the villa in first and second place respectively. It then became time for one member from each team to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the Racers had to drive up Mount Pellegrino in go-karts, following the original route of the Targa Florio auto race. If they completed the course in under 4:07, they'd receive their next clue and then get a ride back down the mountain in a vintage car driven by a professional racecar driver.

The following people attempted the Roadblock: Jim, Kym, Brooke, Maya, Adam, and Te Jay.

Misti and Jim finished the task in first place. They were soon followed by Kym and Alli, Brooke and Robbie, Amy and Maya, Adam and Bethany, and finally Tim and Te Jay. The first two teams apparently had a 20-minute jump on everyone else.

The teams arrived at their next destination, Antico Stabilimento Balneare, in a different order. Following Misti and Jim were Kym and Alli, Adam and Bethany, Amy and Maya, Tim and Te Jay, and Brooke and Robbie.

It then became time for the teams to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Painters" and "Posers."

"Painters" required the teams to lie on their backs atop a scaffold and restore a fresco on a church ceiling. They had to work in a very tight, enclosed area.

"Posers" required the teams to watch a performance by 10 different opera singers. They then had to run to an upstairs gallery where the performers' costumes were on display along with the names of the character and opera. Once the teams wrote down all the names in the order the performers had appeared on stage, they'd earn their next clue.

Misti and Jim, Kym and Alli, Adam and Bethany, and Tim and Te Jay tried the "Painters" task.

Amy and Maya attempted "Posers" with Brooke and Robbie.

Kym and Alli struggled with the painting task, and Tim and Te Jay admitted it was exhausting. Adam and Bethany found it very tedious as well. The "Posers" task proved to be a bit easier although Brooke and Robbie got it wrong on their first try and had to start over again. Amy and Maya also turned in their program with an incorrect answer.

As a result, Brooke and Robbie and Amy and Maya decided to team up and work together. Robbie suggested they just get it done quickly and move along, hopefully beating the painters.

Misti and Jim excelled at the painting task because they believed themselves to be very detail-oriented and meticulous. They were soon followed by Kym and Alli, Brooke and Robbie, Amy and Maya, Adam and Bethany, and finally Tim and Te Jay.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to head to the Pit Stop at Villa Niscemi.

Misti and Jim got to the Pit Stop mat and met The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan in first place. For finishing the leg before any of the other teams, the pair was rewarded with a trip for two to Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Phil announced it was the 300th leg of the Race.

Kym and Alli stepped on the mat in second place. Amy and Maya were third, Brooke and Robbie finished in fourth place, Adam and Bethany claimed fifth, and Tim and Te Jay finally got to the Pit Stop in sixth -- and last -- place.

Because it was a non-elimination leg, Tim and Te Jay will have to complete an additional Speed Bump task in the next leg.