The Amazing Race's "Married Dentists" team of Misti Raman and Jim Raman survived a non-elimination leg during Friday night's fourth broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.

Misti and Jim were not eliminated from the around-the-world competition although they had arrived at the Race's fourth Pit Stop in Copenhagen, Denmark, in last place.

"Every drop of confidence that I've had for the first three legs, it's all gone," Jim said after running a very tough leg.

Misti added, "We got our teeth kicked in today."

The fourth episode of The Amazing Race's 25th season began with Jim and Misti departing the third Pit Stop at 10:36AM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to take a 13-hour ferry ride back to Aberdeen, Scotland, and then to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. Once they arrived in Copenhagen, they'd find a Ford vehicle waiting for them with their next clue.

Misti and Jim soon learned the next ferry wasn't taking off until 5:30PM that night, so without a travel agency to turn to, they decided to go to the library in attempt to research potential better flights. They ended up finding a flight that would land them in Copenhagen at 4:00PM the following day, and they booked it assuming another team couldn't find anything better.

"Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks then departed in second place at 11:45AM, followed by "Engaged Couple" Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan at 11:53AM.

The departure times for the following teams were not shown: "Food Scientists" Amy DeJong and Maya Warren, "Mother/Daughter" Shelley Porter and Nici Porter, "Urban Bike Racers" Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe, "Dating Pro Wrestlers" Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss, and "College Sweethearts" Tim Tsao and Te Jay McGrath.

However, those teams appeared to arrive at the ferry terminal in that exact order.

Besides Misti and Jim, the teams figured they couldn't book plane tickets until arriving in Aberdeen, so they all got aboard the same ferry with their fate unknown. While some teams planned to race to the travel agency once in Aberdeen, Brooke and Robbie determined they'd head straight to the airport since the travel agency didn't open until 9AM the next morning, two hours after their ferry docked.

Kym and Alli also headed to the airport as well as Tim and Te Jay. Kym and Alli snagged tickets on a flight that would land at 2PM, while Brooke and Robbie booked a flight that would land them in Copenhagen at 5:10PM. Tim and Te Jay were set to get there at 5:15PM. Tim and Te Jay were surprised the three teams, who got to the airport nearly at the same time, ended up on three different flights.

Adam and Bethany, Keith and Whitney, Shelley and Nici, and Amy and Maya then entered the travel agency to buy tickets. Although Shelley and Nici bought their tickets first, they ended up on a flight scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen at 5:20PM. The three other teams got tickets for a flight touching down at 5:10PM. At the airport, Misti and Jim discovered Kym and Alli were going to arrive two hours ahead of them.
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Coming across some bad luck, Tim and Te Jay boarded their flight at 5:35PM because it had been delayed about 20 minutes. Shelley and Nici's flight had also been delayed by one hour, so they weren't scheduled to land until 6:20PM. Shelley and Nici also couldn't find their car after landing.

Kym and Alli reached their Ford vehicle in first place with "a substantial lead," according to host Phil Keoghan, and learned they must drive themselves to Malmo, Sweden using less than one-tenth of a gallon of gas. If they used more than that, they'd have to answer the question of a local geography student.

After driving across an eight-kilometer bridge, Kym and Alli arrived in Malmo before any of the other teams. A technician revealed they had driven over 20 miles on less than one one-hundredth of a gallon of gas, so they earned their next clue.

Misti and Jim got to Malmo in second place and did not drive efficiently. They were asked to name the capitals of the Scandinavian countries. They were then followed by Brooke and Robbie, Adam and Bethany, Keith and Whitney, Amy and Maya, Tim and Te Jay, and Shelley and Nici.

In addition to Misti and Jim, Brooke and Robbie, Adam and Bethany, Amy and Maya, and Tim and Te Jay all needed to answer the geography question.

It then became time for the team to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Parking Space" or "Wedding Cake."

"Parking Space" required the teams to set up a parklet -- a parking space that's been re-purposed into a place to relax. They had to choose a set of parklet furniture and arrange it to exactly match their given picture. If they failed to do so in 30 minutes, they'd have to switch parking spaces and begin again.

"Wedding Cake" required the teams to decorate a traditional, multi-tiered Danish wedding cake, complete with icing and miniature flags. They then had to deliver it to a restaurant on a Bullitt bike -- a cargo bike in which one person pedaled and the other sat on a platform in front holding the cake. If they delivered the cake intact, they'd return a receipt to a local baker and then receive their next clue.

Kym and Alli opted to take on the "Wedding Cake" challenge as well as Keith and Whitney, Brooke and Robbie, and Adam and Bethany.

Misti and Jim, Amy and Maya, Tim and Te Jay, and Shelley and Nici chose to attempt "Parking Space."

Misti and Jim didn't nail it on the first try and found the task incredibly frustrating.

Meanwhile, Keith and Whitney lost one of the top tiers on their cake twice trying to transport it through the busy streets, so they decided to switch tasks and give the other one a whirl instead. Adam and Bethany also lost a tier of their cake while Bethany struggled to ride the bike. They decided to switch tasks as well. Both teams were thrilled to see Misti and Jim still plugging along at the parking task.

However, Misti and Jim just couldn't get their arrangement right and decided to switch Detour tasks after much wasted time. The couple didn't think the task was difficult, but they unknowingly dropped a flag on their way to the baker when pedaling the bike.

Kym and Alli briefly lost their receipt but found it outside on the street before they had to go back. They therefore finished the Detour in first place and were followed by Brooke and Robbie, Amy and Maya, Keith and Whitney, Tim and Te Jay, Misti and Jim, and finally Shelley and Nici.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to make their way to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant.

Kym and Alli arrived at the restaurant in first place and learned it was time to complete a Roadblock.

For the Roadblock, one member of each team had to memorize the numbers and ingredients of four different open-faced sandwiches and then relay the order to the chef to get their next clue.

Amy and Maya made it to the restaurant in second place. They were then followed by Brooke and Robbie, Keith and Whitney, Tim and Te Jay, Adam and Bethany, Misti and Jim, and Shelley and Nici.

Kym took on the Roadblock. She was later joined by Maya, Robbie, Whitney, Te Jay, Adam, Nici, and Misti.

Still maintaining their lead, Kym and Alli finished the Roadblock task and earned their next set of clues, instructing them to travel to the Pit Stop at sustainable residential apartment buildings called the VM Houses.

Kym and Alli managed to step on the Pit Stop mat in first place. For winning the leg, each woman received a 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid.

Amy and Maya then completed the Roadblock task and were later followed by Brooke and Robbie, Keith and Whitney, Amy and Maya, Tim and Te Jay, Adam and Bethany, Shelley and Nici -- who got it on their first try -- and finally Misti and Jim. Misti had failed to state the sandwich numbers before the ingredients, calling it "a fatal mistake."

Brooke and Robbie arrived at the Pit Stop mat in second place. They were soon followed by Keith and Whitney in third, Amy and Maya in fourth, and Tim and Te Jay in fifth.

Adam and Bethany got lost on their way to the Pit Stop, but Shelley and Nici had their own share of problems. The pair bickered and ended up switching drivers. Shelley and Nici arrived at the Pit Stop in sixth place and were scolded for acting childish. Adam and Bethany them met Phil in seventh place followed by Jim and Misti in eighth -- and last -- place.

Jim immediately tried to hand over the couple's "Save" they had won from a previous leg, but Phil announced it was a non-elimination leg.

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