The Amazing Race eliminated "Brothers" Cameron Benson and Darius Benson during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The two men became the second team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's third Pit Stop at Baluarte de Santiago in Cartagena, Colombia, in last place.

"I couldn't really run it with anybody else," Cameron said in tears of racing with Darius.

"I feel like we gave it our all," Darius added. "We made some mistakes in the last couple of legs. [Thanks to] a mixture of bad luck and bad decisions, it didn't work out. We're the closest, I know him the best, and I know that he's capable of doing amazing things." 

The Amazing Race broadcast began with "Best Friends" Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl leaving the second Pit Stop in first place at 10:05AM. They were followed by "Best Friends" Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith at 10:20AM, "Dating Couple" Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins at 10:26AM, and "Dating Couple" Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina at 10:56AM.

Behind Dana and Matt were "Best Friends" Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis at 11:35AM, "Newlyweds" Zach King and Rachel King at 11:36AM, "Best Friends" Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff at 11:37AM, "Mother and Son" Sheri LaBrant and Cole LaBrant at 11:52AM, "Father and Daughter" Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler at 11:56AM, and then finally Darius and Cameron at 12:29PM.

The teams' first set of clues instructed them to make their way on foot to Plaza San Diego.  

Tyler and Korey explained they've never dated although Tyler had a crush on him in college. Tyler hilariously admitted that once he got to know Korey, he lost romantic feelings and changed his mind. 

Tyler and Korey got to the plaza in first place and were then followed by Brodie and Kurt, Burnie and Ashley, Dana and Matt, Zach and Rachel, Brittany and Jessica, Erin and Joslyn, Sheri and Cole, Scott and Blair, and Darius and Cameron.

The teams then headed to the fort of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, where they had to search the catacombs for their next clue.

The teams pretty much arrived at the catacombs in the same order they left the plaza, however, Erin and Joslyn got ahead of Brittany and Jessica. Scott and Blair also got there before Sheri and Cole.

Running through the underground tunnels turned out to be very difficult for Erin and Sheri because they were both a bit claustrophobic.
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Once the teams found their clue tucked away in a catacomb, they learned it was time to complete one of two possible Detour tasks: "Tickets" or "Tejo."

"Tickets" required the teams to ride a local bus and persuade people to board and pay the fare of 1,800 pesos. Once they collected 20,000 pesos, they'd receive their next clue.

"Tejo" required the teams to toss three-pound metal discs at gunpowder-laden clay targets. Once they hit three of them, they'd earn their next clue.

Erin and Joslyn tried the "Tickets" task in addition to Scott and Blair and Zach and Rachel. Everyone else opted to try the clay-target game.

Brodie and Kurt thought they'd have a huge advantage playing Tejo because they are known for their Ultimate Frisbee skills. Darius and Cameron were also confident they could probably make up some ground with this physical task, especially because "Tickets" would likely present some teams with problems.

Rachel told Zach they had collected more than enough money on the bus, but once they hopped into a taxi to head to the next destination, Zach realized his wife had miscounted and they were 5,000 pesos short. Rachel felt awful for making the big mistake and kept apologizing, but Zach remained pretty cool and collected. They then headed back to the bus to finish the job.

Brodie and Kurt completed the Detour task in first place. They were soon followed by Tyler and Korey, Burnie and Ashley, Dana and Matt, Brittany and Jessica, Cole and Sheri, Darius and Cameron, Erin and Joslyn, Scott and Blair, and finally Zach and Rachel.

The teams then learned they must make their way to Calle San Juan de Dios and search for the marked mochila vendor.

Brodie and Kurt found the mochila vendor in first place. On their heels were Tyler and Korey, Burnie and Ashley, and Dana and Matt. Behind them were Brittany and Jessica, Sheri and Cole, Erin and Joslyn, Darius and Cameron, Scott and Blair, and Zach and Rachel.

It then became time for one member of each team to attempt a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the participating Racers had to select a bag called a mochila and then search amongst numerous street vendors for two more bags created by the same designer.

Kurt performed the Roadblock as well as Tyler, Ashley, Dana, Jessica, Cole, Erin, Scott, Zach, and Darius.

Erin and Scott teamed up for the task once they both started getting worried and anxious.

Darius found all three of his bags with time to spare but then he couldn't find the vendor who was supposed to hand him the next clue. Darius wandered around for a while and didn't realize the vendor he was looking for was basically at the starting point, where team members who weren't doing the task sat and waited. He was wrongly looking for the specific designer Audriana.

Brodie and Kurt completed the Roadblock task in first place. They were then followed by Tyler and Korey, Ashley and Burnie, Dana and Matt, Brittany and Jessica, Sheri and Cole, Erin and Joslyn, Scott and Blair, Zach and Rachel, and finally Darius and Cameron.

Rachel figured it would be a foot race to the finish because she and Zach began looking for the Pit Stop at Baluarte de Santiago, on the old city wall, just as Darius was trying to find the final vendor. She ended up being right.

Brodie and Kurt stepped on the Pit Stop mat before any of the other teams and claimed first place. The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan awarded them with a trip for two to Greece. Tyler and Korey placed second. Korey joked that every time Tyler's done the Roadblock, they've come in second, but every time he's done it, they've won.

Ashley and Burnie finished the leg in third place, followed by Dana and Matt in fourth, Brittany and Jessica in fifth, Sheri and Cole in sixth, and Erin and Joslyn in seventh place. Scott and Blair made it to the Pit Stop in eighth place.

Zach and Rachel, who first headed to the wrong location, met Phil in ninth place. Within seconds, Darius and Cameron were shown running up behind them in tenth -- and last -- place.

Phil then announced Darius and Cameron had been eliminated from the Race.