And the latest team to be eliminated from CBS' The Amazing Race 9 is... to be continued. Last night's The Amazing Race 9 broadcast saw none of the remaining teams go home. Instead, friends Jeremy Ryan and Eric Sanchez met host Phil Keoghan in Moscow's Red Square and were told that they were in the midst of a superleg and still racing.

The Amazing Race 9's third episode began with the teams leaving the second leg's Pit Stop at Primavera da Serra, a 19th-century coffee plantation in Brotas, Brazil. As they departed the Pit Stop, the teams were first instructed to drive three miles to a farm, where each team member rode down a 300-foot zipline.

After traveling across the zipline, teams were told their next destination: Moscow, Russia. Even though nearly four hours separated the first and last place teams when they left the Pit Stop, and even though the final shuttle to the airport left an hour and a half after the first one, all nine of the remaining teams ended up on the same flight to Moscow.

Once in Moscow, teams traveled to Chaika Bassein, the water sports training facility formerly used to train Russia's Olympic high-diving teams. There, the teams performed their second Roadblock -- a task in which one team member had to jump off the ten meter platform, swim across the pool, and dive down to the bottom and retrieve their next clue.

Most teams completed the Roadblock quickly, but Wanda Lopez-Rochfordís fear of deep water left her struggling to dive down for the clue. However even though she and daughter Desiree Cifre were the last to complete the Roadblock, they were given new life when friends Dani Torchio and Danielle Turner were forced to return to the locker room to retrieve the passports and money that they had absentmindedly left behind.

After the Roadblock, teams took taxis to the 480-year-old Novodevichiy Monastery, where they had to locate the next clue in the Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk. The clue instructed the teams that it was time for their next Detour -- "Scrub" or "Scour."

Most teams wanted to complete "Scrub," a task in which the teams would have to wash a bus trolley inside and out, instead of "Scour," a task that required that teams to search scouring through 1,500 multi-piece Russian nesting dolls for one of ten microscopic clues. However although most of the teams intended to choose "Scrub," some of them ended up at the "Scour" option when they either accidentally told their taxi driver to follow another team headed to the trolley yard or just proved incapable of finding the "Scrub" location on their own.

Even though Eric and Jeremy were among the teams that had originally intended to wash the trolley, they were the first to complete the "Scour" Detour option. The microscopic fortune cookie fortune-sized clue instructed them to go to St. Basilís Cathedral in Red Square. Once there, they found Phil on the mat, who informed them that the current leg was not yet over and gave them their next clue.

On the next The Amazing Race 9 episode... teams face the Roll of Death. Given the disappointing ratings of the premiere episode, will having a non-elimination leg this early in the Race mean a "roll of death" in the race for Tuesday night viewers?