Pamela Bach vigorously denies releasing the tape showing her estranged husband David Hasselhoff in a drunken state on the floor of a Las Vegas hotel room.

During an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, Bach said she'd never videotaped her husband in the 17 years they were married. "My job was finding the bottles, pouring out the bottles, finding where he is and taking care of him."

Bach said she has no idea who released the tape and she didn't even know it existed. She confirmed for Inside Edition that a Los Angeles judge had suspended Hasselhoff's visitation rights with his children.

Bach thinks their daughter, 16-year-old Taylor-Ann made the tape. She says the teen says "nobody's helping us."

Bach hopes the tape is a wake-up call for her estranged husband. She hopes he'll go to rehab for help.

Inside Edition says they contacted Hasselhoff's attorney, who says it's Bach who has a substance abuse problem.