Judge Michael T. Sauer told The Los Angeles Times Monday he is "amazed" at the publicity Paris Hilton's case is receiving.

Sauer, 69, questioned Hilton at her hearing on Friday, repeatedly quizzing her about understanding restrictions resulting from suspension of her driver's license. Hilton lost her license in 2006 because of what the newspaper calls "an alcohol-related reckless driving charge."

Sauer's imposition of 45 days jail time for the hotel heiress suggests he didn't believe Hilton's claims she thought she could still drive if it was work-related. Hilton's lawyers have appealed the sentence.

Sauer became a Superior Court Judge in 2000, but he's served as a judge in different capacities for 35 years.

Celebrity Web site TMZ.com reported Sauer's fellow churchgoers gave him a standing ovation on Sunday. Sauer says the story is "completely false."

The judge told the Los AngelesTimes he's also "amazed" about the amount of talk about the case.