Survivor: One World's all-male Manono tribe eliminated Matt Quinlan, a 33-year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA, from their tribe during Wednesday night's third episode of the CBS reality series' 24th edition.

Matt was voted out of his tribe at the season's third Tribal Council, the first elimination session for the men.

"Going out on the eighth day is an incredible disappointment. I came out here with big expectations and a plan to do it, and it didn't work out for me. But I thought in the last couple days I had re-worked something with [Troy "Troyzan" Robertson] to get the numbers back in my favor, and clearly, I was wrong. I was probably enemy number one -- the biggest threat they had and that spelled my disaster," Matt said following his ouster.

Survivor: One World's third broadcast began with on Night 5 with the Salani tribe -- which consisted of Christina Cha, a 29-year-old career consultant from West Hollywood, CA; Monica Culpepper, a 41-year-old ex-NFL football player's wife from Tampa, FL; Kat Edorsson, a 22-year-old timeshare representative from Orlando, FL; Chelsea Meissner, a 26-year-old in medical sales from Charleston, SC; Alicia Rosa, a 25-year-old special education teacher from Chicago, IL; Kim Spradlin, a 29-year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio, TX; and Sabrina Thompson, a 33-year-old high school teacher from Brooklyn, NY -- struggling to stay strong and warm in the stormy weather. They also had trouble maintaining confidence because they kept losing challenges and tribemates.

Meanwhile, the Manono tribe -- which consisted of Jay Byars, a 25-year-old model from Gaffney, SC; Colton Cumbie, an openly gay 21-year-old college student from Monroeville, AK; Michael Jefferson, a 30-year-old banker from Seattle, WA; Leif Manson, a 27-year-old phlebotomist from San Diego, CA; Jonas Otsuji, a 37-year-old sushi chef from Lehi, Utah; Bill Posley, a 28-year-old stand-up comedian from Venice, CA; Matt Quinlan, a 33-year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA; Troy, a 50-year-old swimsuit photographer from Miami, FL; and Greg "Tarzan" Smith, a 64-year-old plastic surgeon from Houston, TX -- were satisfied and pleased with how things were going, as they had a solid shelter and a warm constant fire.

Colton offered the women the opportunity to stay under the men's shelter if the weather got bad enough, but the women didn't want to make it look like they couldn't take care of themselves and needed help from their competitors. As a result, Salani tried to tough it out, but they became increasingly miserable and cold as the rain poured down on them.

"We've been crapped on since we got here. We got zero sleep last night. We stayed up the entire night -- froze, soaking wet -- and we haven't had a fire because it rained and put it out, so now we haven't eaten," Chelsea said.

The women then asked Troyzan if they could warm up quickly by standing next to their fire, and the men agreed out of pure sympathy. Matt, however, wasn't too happy because there wasn't enough room for the men in their shelter alone and the women were soaking wet sitting on their beds.

Afterward, all the castaways met with Survivor host Jeff Probst and learned they'd be competing in a Reward Challenge.

Jeff then explained the rules and told both tribes that one at a time, Salani and Manono tribe members must square off against each other in a memory test. They would be shown a series of items in a specific order, and once they believed they had memorized the pattern, they must pull a lever to drop a curtain and then race to recreate the same series in the same order.

The first person to get it right in each face-off would score one point for their tribe, and the first tribe to reach five points total would win the challenge and receive a complete fishing supply kit along with a canoe with paddles waiting for them back at camp.

The Manono tribe sat out Tarzan and Leif to even up the numbers.
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Kat seemed to be the only member on the women's team who had difficulty with the memorization task, as it took her almost eight attempts to get her series of items correct. However, the women kept a steady lead throughout the entire challenge and ended up not only winning but blowing the men out of the water.

After the Reward Challenge, Salani gained a little momentum and felt it was what they needed to pick up the tribe, but the storm was still wearing them down. The women asked the men for an ember because they were desperate for fire and everything was wet. However, the men were hesitant to give up anything they had without getting anything in return.

"Some of the guys are like, 'We've gotta stop giving them stuff if we're not getting anything in return, which I do agree with. I love some of those girls, but if they're not going to give me anything, I'm sorry, I'm not that type of person. I'm a Republican. I am not a Democrat. I do not believe in handouts," Colton explained.

"The girls are beyond a mess. They're like zombies shivering. And I'm like, 'Let them tough it out,'" Jonas said.

Jay then told the women they were going to use their boat eventually when it was not in use, and Alicia didn't think that proposition was fair at all. The Manono tribe then flipped out because they were giving the girls everything they were asking for and believed it was fair to expect a kind gesture in return.

"Oh, no boat after everything that we've given you?! That's how it's going to be? So, when you want fire, when you want shelter, you use your womanly charms to take care of those situations, but when we ask for a bone, you say no? One World is out the window," Bill said.

The men then asked the women to discuss the terms of the potential agreement, but Salani felt the plan wasn't well-negotiated. Chelsea then began to cry and confessed that she was losing her mind and didn't care what the men wanted to take from them. All she was worried about in the moment was warming her hands and saving her strength. Monica said that since they were girls, they weren't meant to be beaten down by the environment the way they were.

On Day 8, the sun finally came up and the women put their reward to use and went spear fishing. Three of the girls actually caught fish and they were starting to gain some confidence back.

Later that day, the Salani tribe and Manono tribe met with Jeff who then explained the rules to what would be their third Immunity Challenge.

The castaways learned that each tribe would have one person who would act as the caller, while the other six tribe members would be blindfolded in pairs and must walk through a course together. Using only verbal commands, the caller was required to lead the pairs through a series of obstacles so they could make their way to a water tower to pull down a rope releasing water and a bag of puzzle pieces. Once a tribe collected all five bags, the caller would be required to use those pieces to solve their puzzle.

The first tribe to solve the puzzle would win immunity and be safe from the vote at the next Tribal Council, while the losing team must vote off one of their own members.

Colton and Jay sat out for the Manono tribe to make the competition fair. Bill acted as the caller for the men's tribe, while Sabrina took on the role of the caller on behalf of the women's Salani tribe.

The men were ahead for most of the challenge and Bill got a huge jump on solving the puzzle before Sabrina could even start her puzzle. However, Bill struggled to get all the pieces in their correct placement, which allowed the women caught up and eventually become neck-and-neck with them. It finally came down to a race between Sabrina and Bill and their tribes yelled out suggestions from behind them. In the end, Salani won immunity and Jeff praised them for making a huge comeback.

"I think I just aged two years," Sabrina joked after the challenge.

"My mind was blown. I couldn't believe we lost. But now that we've lost this challenge, I'm looking forward to doing this. I mean, I spent eight days out here kind of creating some power and I want to use it. I want to execute some of it, and tonight, that's going to happen," Matt said.

Following the challenge, the women celebrated their big victory and Chelsea was excited they pulled through in a communication challenge -- which she believed was going to be tough for her tribe because it was one of their major weaknesses. Chelsea found it funny that the men were going to "run around like chickens with their heads cut off" since they went into the challenge thinking they had the win in the bag.

"I'm so excited to vote someone out. I dislike so many of these people. Bill screwed up in the challenge today. I'm sorry, you had a good five to seven-minute lead over those women and you still lost," Colton said, adding he was annoyed with how Bill was "ghetto trash" and how he spoke around camp with his "yo" and "bro" talk. Colton felt Bill was digging his own grave and he wanted him gone.

Colton then solidified his alliance of five members -- which consisted of himself, Troyzan, Leif, Jonas, and Tarzan -- and together, they decided they were ready to get rid of one of the muscle men from the opposing alliance. However, Colton and Tarzan had different views on Bill's place, as Tarzan thought he was a "floater" and Colton bluntly said he should be the first to go. 

"He's too wishy washy. He has to go first," Colton said.

"Why don't we make him second? Matt is a real danger," Tarzan said.

"Bill is the type that is going to slip up behind you and slit your throat," Colton said. "So you need to eliminate that first."

"Right now, there's clearly two sides in our tribe. There's Matt and Mike, Jay and Bill, and then there's me and Jonas, Tarzan, Leif, and Colton. We've got the numbers, so the guys in the alliance basically are the ones who are picking who's going home. If it's going to be Matt, it's going to be Matt. If they switch it and say it's going to be Bill, it's going to be Bill. And really, the one who's making the biggest objection is Colton," Troyzan explained.

Jay then came over to Colton's alliance and attempted to listen in on what was going on. Colton assured Jay they weren't going to vote him out and then Tarzan asked him if he wanted to join them. Colton told Jay he backed the wrong horse from the beginning, but Tarzan suggested he had time to fix that and save himself in the game.

Jay was hesitant to respond but knew he'd be in trouble if he didn't side with them and show them respect.

"If they have the numbers and I'm not a part of that, that just puts a target on my back, so I can either join them or be butting heads with them. So I basically had no option but to say, 'Okay, I'll vote with you guys,'" Jay said.

The group then decided to vote Bill out and everyone was cool with that. Tarzan admitted the best guy to eliminate right away would've been Matt, but because they were a team and Colton was pushing for Bill, they'd get rid of Bill instead. While they were talking strategy, Matt then appeared and approached them.

Matt asked Tarzan whether his presence was ruining the strategy talk and he honestly told him it was in the moment.

"When I walked up intentionally on these guys having a conversation clearly right in front of me about strategy, I just wanted to stick my head in it and shake it up. I don't like people talking like that when I'm not involved. So, I got up there and it went quiet," Matt said.

"I walked away, no problem, but what I did want to do was pull Troy aside afterwards. I think Troy and I have spent the last week as the heads of two snakes that are battling each other with me and my guys or you're with Troy and the Average Joes, and I decided that something had to be said."

Matt then talked to Troy about how getting rid of all the muscle was convenient and it was also convenient for the muscle to stick together. He told Troy they should come up with a smaller group of guys to make some big moves with and dive deeper into the game.

Matt said he was a rooster and only wanted roosters around, as the chickens couldn't break them apart. He told Troy he saw him as being a rooster from the beginning and wanted to "create a new reality" out there with him.

"All of these idiots will scramble and we'll get rid of Colton when we can," Matt told Troy.

"The guys that are really in power around here are going to vote for Colton and when we get back to camp, everybody's going to realize that the Average Joes are not calling the shots and that in fact, things have changed around here and I am still in the front of it," Matt said in a confessional.

Finishing out his conversation, Matt told Troy they should stick together and would make it to the merge and be fine. He said they just needed to get rid of all the "chicks."

"Basically, he's a jerk. He calls the strongest guys the roosters and the whole time I'm agreeing with him, but in my mind, I'm like, 'I'm never going to be with him.' It aint Survivor unless you're lying!" Troy said afterwards.

Troy then told Colton and Jay what he had talked about with Matt. He told them Matt wanted himself, Mike, Jay, and Jonas as an alliance. He pushed how dangerous Matt really was and Colton said the vote came down to Matt and Bill. 

Colton said Bill should go because he couldn't stand him and hated listening to him talk, but Matt needed to go because he was the "head of a snake and you've got to chop off the head for the rest of it to stop wiggling." He added that he'd be "perfectly happy" with either Bill or Matt going home and said if he could get rid of five people on his tribe, he'd be in heaven.

That night, Survivor: One World's male castaways on the Manono tribe arrived for their first Tribal Council session.

Tarzan told Jeff he was in an alliance of five that was going to stick together and he trusted them. Colton said no matter what, he was safe. Jeff asked why and then he revealed he wasn't going anywhere because he had a hidden Immunity Idol and was definitely going to play it. He said there was no way he was going to get sent home with an Idol in his pocket.

Bill said his alliance would probably still try to flush out the Idol because Colton was playing both tribes and bouncing back and forth between the men and the women. Colton then attempted to explain he wanted to hang out with the women because he fit in with them better but wasn't necessarily going to vote with them. Bill said Colton judged his tribemates by believing they wouldn't accept him just because he was gay and it wasn't the other way around.

Tarzan then stuck up for Colton and said he was highly intelligent, invaluable to understanding how the game was played, had allegiances with some of the women, and would be able to remain in the game a long time because of all of those factors. He told everyone that if they valued their survival, they needed him in the first few plays and would prosper because of him.

Matt said it seemed like Tarzan was "shivering in his boots" and "put out a cry for help" because he was attempting to save himself. He said he was getting sick of him using big terms and Tarzan insisted he was misunderstood. 

Matt admitted he was agitated because he didn't know how much of Tarzan could be taken seriously since he was always joking and laughing with people. Matt said he believed people took him seriously and that everyone had one move to make to set the ball in motion. Matt told everyone the game was constantly going to change and situations always had to be re-assessed.

Jeff then asked if anyone wanted to play an Idol, and Colton declined the invitation although he originally claimed he was going to utilize it.

Jeff then revealed the votes. One person voted for Colton, one castaway voted for Bill and five tribe members voted to oust Matt from Survivor: One World. However, Jeff refused to announce who the other two remaining votes were cast for.

After showing the votes, Jeff extinguished Matt's torch.

The episode's closing credits later showed that Jonas, Leif, Troy, Bill, Jay, and Colton all voted for Matt and Matt voted for Colton.