Survivor fans won't be seeing the first Cambodia: Second Chance castoff, Vytas Baskauskas, at Wednesday night's reunion special.

Every Survivor season concludes with host Jeff Probst revealing the jury's votes live to determine a winner in front of the whole cast and a huge studio audience.

However, for Season 31, Vytas will probably be watching the finale and subsequent reunion show from home due to a violation of his contract.

"@JeffProbst great season through and through. Bummed I'm not invited to participate in the finale with all my castmates!" Vytas tweeted December 13.

A lot of hype on social media ensued and Vytas later elaborated on his reunion absence.

"Went home early to see my 1 year old son. Now I'm banned from the finale. Can't even sit in the audience!" Vytas tweeted a couple of his followers on December 15, one day before the finale.

"Yes. It was my fault for leaving early. Just wanted to be with my son. Was hoping they'd reconsider."

Vytas was the first boot from the current season of Survivor, but instead of remaining an offsite location for the remainder of filming as producers require to avoid people seeing him and therefore spoilers about the show, he traveled home. Vytas will miss out on both a TV appearance and significant reunion show appearance paycheck as a result.

Although some of Vytas' followers speculated he's being punished for posting on social media too soon, the teacher/yoga instructor denied it.