Fiji was so kind to former castaway Earl Cole that the Survivor: Fiji $1 million winner has apparently decided to purchase a home there.

The 35-year-old advertising executive who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA said he plans on buying a home along Fiji's Coral Coast and having his mother live there year round, The Fiji Times reported Tuesday. 

"We are Christians and I really like her to come and stay here," he told The Times.  "This is God's country and it is a great place."

Cole reportedly visited his old Survivor stomping grounds for a vacation last week.  Since Survivor: Fiji only filmed near Vunivutu, a village on Vanua Levu, Fiji's second-largest island, Cole said he didn't feel as though he was able to experience all of what the country has to offer.

"I took this opportunity to come back and go to some parts that I have not been to," he told The Times.  "I didn't get to know about Fiji, until I came here and was learning more about it during my stay."

Cole told The Times he's willing to promote the "beautiful place with a unique culture and very friendly people" wherever he goes, a sentiment that Patrick Wong, the island's visitors bureau chief executive, said he hopes increases Fiji's publicity.

"There's going to be a way I can help Fiji," Cole told The Times.  "There's a lot to do for this country."

Cole received all nine votes from the Survivor: Fiji jury during May's finale, allowing him to unanimously defeat Cassandra Franklin and Andria "Dreamz" Herd.  According to The Times, he plans on using a portion of his $1 million winnings to launch A-Frame Productions, a multimedia company that will produce music, television series, documentaries and films.