Survivor: David vs. Goliath merged the three tribes into one and then eliminated Elizabeth Olson during Wednesday night's Survivor Season 37 episode on CBS.

Elizabeth Olson, a 31-year-old kitchen staffer from Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, who currently resides in Longview, TX, became the eighth castaway to leave the game on Day 20 after the merge through a unanimous vote at Tribal Council.


Elizabeth, however, voted to oust Angelina Keeley, a 28-year-old financial consultant from Sparks, NV, who currently resides in San Clemente, CA, from Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

"Well, um, I got voted out! I did what I could and it fell on deaf ears, but I certainly hope tonight some cracks were building in the Goliath tribe. Because that's what I would really like, to see a David win this game. As a fan, I still love Survivor more than I ever have in my life and I had a great time," Elizabeth said in her final words.

The Survivor broadcast began on Day 18 at Tiva's camp.

Tiva featured Christian Hubicki, a 32-year-old robotics scientist from Baltimore, MD, who currently resides in Tallahassee, FL; Gabby Pascuzzi, a 25-year-old technical writer from St. Augustine, FL, who currently resides in Denver, CO; John Hennigan, a 38-year-old professional wrestler from Los Angeles, CA; Dan Rengering, a 27-year-old S.W.A.T. officer from Lake Butler, FL, who currently resides in Gainesville, FL; and Alison Raybould, a 28-year-old physician from Leawood, KS, who currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC.

Jabeni was comprised of Angelina; Nick Wilson, a 27-year-old public defender from Williamsburg, KY, who currently resides in London, KY; and Mike White, a 47-year-old filmmaker from San Diego, CA, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and has previously competed on The Amazing Race.

And Vuku was made up of Elizabeth; Alec Merlino, a 24-year-old bartender from San Clemente, CA; Davie Rickenbacker, a 30-year-old social media manager from Orangeburg, SC, who currently resides in Atlanta, GA; Carl Boudreaux, a 41-year-old truck driver from Beaumont, TX, who currently resides in Houston, TX; and Kara Kay, a 30-year-old realtor from San Diego, CA.


While everyone was just enjoying a lazy morning at Tiva's camp, the Vuku tribe pulled up in a boat followed by the Jabeni tribe. Everyone was thrilled to have merged, and Alison noted the game had really begun.

Carl was prepared to build new bonds and connections because he didn't know if he could simply trust the Davids. Elizabeth had also gotten under his skin.

After a merge feast featuring a variety of foods and alcohol, John said in a confessional his plan was to stay Goliath strong because they had the numbers, 7-6. John, however, felt a little guilty because he had become close to Christian.
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John wanted to stick with the Goliaths and then just battle his original tribemates at the end until one person is left standing.

It came to light Alec had orchestrated a blindside against Natalia Azoqa, and Angelina was shocked. She called it "a careless and emotional move." Angelina realized she needed to tread lightly with Alec as a result because he already proved he's a flipper.

Angelina worried if only one Goliath member chose to flip, he or she could change the entire course of the game.


Carl then revealed to Dan he was annoyed with Elizabeth and she didn't fit in. Dan was totally onboard because the Goliaths wanted to take out a David player anyway.

Christian and Nick were then shown reuniting at the merge and promising each other loyalty. Nick even told Christian that he thought Dan had a hidden Immunity Idol.

Meanwhile, Dan also reunited with Kara, and he said they "jumped right back into the swing of things." Dan told Kara that he had found a second idol, but he planned to keep that idol to himself.

Kara felt good because they had two idols between them and Goliath had the numbers. Kara hoped the game could be smooth sailing from that point on.

Afterward, John, Kara, Dan, Alec and Angelina discussed taking out Elizabeth because she was an easy vote and had no allies who would get angry over the move. Angelina, however, wanted to use their numbers to take out "the biggest David threat" -- Christian.

But Alec pulled Christian aside and revealed they should work together and trust each other. Alec pointed out no one would ever expect they were allies, and Christian was happy with the strategy.


"It's my time to shine right now," Alec said.

The merged tribe called themselves Kalokalo. That night, Elizabeth noticed Dan and Kara were whispering for hours. Elizabeth called them "a threat" because they might be a power couple in the game.

Mike felt he could work well with Alec and Alison, but he was also hoping to bring Nick into the fold since they had become close on their previous tribe. Mike pointed out they needed six people to be safe, and so Alec tried to pull Gabby and Christian in.

Mike, Nick and Alec then told Gabby to vote for Elizabeth, and she felt really excited about their group.

"At a top, superficial view, there are seven Goliaths and six Davids. That would ordinarily look quite bad for the Davids," Christian explained.

"But right now, there is a counter Goliath insurgency that's forming. It's six people -- three former Davids and three former Goliaths. You've got myself, Gabby and Nick on one side, and on the other side, you have Alison, Mike and Alec. I called it a strike force because Alec is ready to move."

Elizabeth then whispered to Carl and Nick about how they should target Dan because of his showmance with Kara. Alec had Elizabeth's back once before in the game, so she hoped he'd step up to the plate again and help her out.


But Alec admitted he was worried about being the odd-man out in the Davids if he flipped on the Goliaths.

Alec wanted to continue being a free agent and didn't want to show his cards too early. Alec then warned Dan about Elizabeth's plan, and Dan said he was "furious" because he had done nothing wrong.

Kara insisted in a confessional Dan was "sitting pretty," so she told him to get himself together. Kara said things could have been so much worse.

"You want to put my name out there? I'll show you what I can do. She has got to go," Dan told the cameras.

On Day 20, the newly-merged tribe met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

For the challenge, each castaway had to swing a pendulum through a frame and around a statue. If at any point the pendulum stopped or the statue fell, he or she would be out of the challenge.

The next person voted out of the game at Tribal Council would be the eighth person ousted from the competition.

The challenge came down to Alison vs. Elizabeth, and in the end, Alison won and the tribe as a whole seemed very pleased. Alison said she was in "ecstasy," especially over the idea of her family being proud of her.

Dan said it would be stupid to not remain Goliath strong going forward and it shouldn't be difficult.

Once Kalokalo returned to camp, Angelina discussed with her allies the possibility of blindsiding Christian because he was the biggest threat on the David Tribe, and she insisted he could beat all of them in this game.

"He's a Goliath in his own right and I'm hoping to slay him at tonight's Tribal," Angelina said in a confessional.

Angelina was depending on her six other Goliaths to execute this big move, because she was ready to play this game. But Dan was torn because he loved Christian "to death" and he was another "brochacho."

"Christian ain't going to win the next nine immunities, sweetheart. So we can take him out. I don't understand. It's basic," Dan complained.

Gabby was infuriated that the Goliaths had the power and she just had to sit in the shelter and hope the vote wasn't going to come down to herself.

Alec was stuck in the middle of multiple plans. If he voted out Christian, he would be betraying Gabby and Nick as well as the rest of the Davids. It would be a Goliath-strong move and he would lose his ability to play both sides.

Since voting out Christian wasn't best for his game, he reminded John, Dan, and Alison that Elizabeth was the perfect easy target, and they agreed. Alison, in fact, worried the Goliaths were "trying to get too fancy."

However, the group needed Angelina to work with them, and so they shared with her the target had returned to Elizabeth's back in order to "get rid of the chaos." Angelina noted she'd vote with the group although she disagreed with the strategy.

Angelina told Alison and John that Dan was "super condescending" to her, but Dan was venting to his own allies in the meantime that Angelina needed to "grow up." There was discourse among the Goliaths, and Angelina noted she had been trying to avoid that.

Angelina then pulled Elizabeth aside for a quick chat in private.

"They are throwing your name out there, but I'm the only person -- I just want to be upfront with you because I've got nothing but amazingness from you -- and I've tried. I thought we had a different vote," Angelina told Elizabeth.

"We were locked in on someone and then they've come back and flipped again. I'd just rather tell you than have you be blindsided. You have such a big heart and I just respect you enough as a person that I just didn't want this to be [it]."

Elizabeth was willing to do whatever it takes to stay. She then ran to Carl and Gabby about what Angelina had said, and Gabby called Angelina "stupid."

Gabby suggested the girls share with the Goliaths how Angelina had blabbed all of their plans in the hope the Goliaths would turn their backs on Angelina and get her out. Elizabeth loved the idea and was ready to blow up Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council that night, Angelina announced the Goliaths were going to stick together and take a conservative approach in voting someone out.

But then Elizabeth countered by saying there were absolutely fractures in the Goliaths because Angelina had warned her she'd be the one going home. Dan, Alec and John all appeared pissed.

Angelina insisted she had been "noncommittal" in her conversation with Elizabeth and no longer felt like she could lie in the moment because it had been a long, exhausting day.

Alison, however, argued Angelina was "starting to manage the jury for her final Tribal Council," and multiple people agreed.

"All I said was, 'It's still up in the air,' and she said, 'Is it me?' And I said, 'I can't answer that,'" Angelina told her tribe.

Elizabeth said Angelina was trying to secure her jury vote, and then whispers emerged all around Angelina. Angelina argued the Davids were just trying to split the Goliaths up to regain the numbers.

Gabby then broke down into tears, saying Angelina probably wanted to have "a human moment" with Elizabeth but couldn't be mad at Elizabeth for trying to play the game.

Angelina started to cry as well, saying it was not jury management -- that she just had a human moment and couldn't lie in the moment. Angelina said she's an authentic person and the game had simply been hard for her.

The votes were then cast and Jeff read them aloud in the following order: Angelina, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth.

The episode's closing credits later showed that everyone voted to oust Elizabeth from Survivor: David vs. Goliath except for Elizabeth, who voted for Angelina.
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