Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance castaway Joe Anglim has given fans a little insight into his new theories of how to play the game now that he has Survivor: Worlds Apart in his rear-view mirror.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the beginning of Survivor's season, Joe divulged some information about his plans when talking about which players he'd like to work with.

"I think I really want to work with [Jeremy Collins], [Keith Nale], [Vytas Baskauskas], and I mean, we can throw [Terry Deitz] and [Andrew Savage] in there -- [Tasha Fox] -- I mean, I could work with anybody. That's the thing. I have pros and cons to every person in the cast," Joe told EW.

"What I've learned now from my prior season, you should never not want to work with anybody. And the reason for that is, you don't know what's going to happen. The game is going to change that fast, so if you already have it in your mind that you don't want to work with somebody, that could potentially screw you out of a million dollars."

Joe admitted he'd actually like to team up with some physical threats rather than target them.

"As far as physical threats go, there's a lot of people I think -- if I was working with them -- it would be easy for me to put the target on them to save my own skin. So it's better for me to have them around and have them in my corner, so I can say, 'Hey, let's protect each other.' So I have a couple different theories and different strategies this time going in," he explained.

While he'd be up for working with Shirin Oskooi again from Worlds Apart, he wasn't making any promises nor was he sold on the idea.

"I love Shirin. She's a good friend, but it's Survivor. We have talked before the game and I said, 'I'm going to look out for you. You look out for me, but let's keep our distance.' We both, I think, know that it's Survivor and if one of us has to take the fall in order to advance our position in the game, then so be it. 'But let's try to work together,'" Joe said.

"You don't know what's going to happen when you hit the beach... It's the beauty of Survivor. Everything's out the window in the first five seconds. It's like, 'Oh no, let's start from scratch.'"

Joe left Worlds Apart as a fan-favorite, popular and well-liked guy. But that attention could be his strength in the game or ultimate demise since he wasn't devious but certainly was viewed as a challenge beast.

"I think [the situation] helps me and hurts me. I think it's a double-edged sword. If players have seen that side of my athleticism and my gameplay as being a threat as everyone else did in [Season] 30, then yeah, I'm probably coming out here with the same target on my back," Joe told EW.

"However, if they see my hard work ethic around camp... it could help me. It could get me far in the game. I think... it's tough. It's really just going to depend on what I can convey to these other players. I'll say, 'Hey, I think you got to see really and truly who I was last time, and I'm loyal, I'm honest and I'm hardworking. So, I deserve to be here.' That's at least the pitch. Will they buy it? I don't know."

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance premieres Wednesday, September 23 with a special 90-minute broadcast at 8PM ET/PT. The finale of Big Brother's seventeenth season will follow from 9:30-11PM ET/PT.
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