Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance's Ta Keo tribe snuffed Shirin Oskooi's torch during Season 31's second episode Wednesday night on CBS.

Shirin, who previously competed on Survivor: Worlds Apart, became the second castaway voted out of her Ta Keo tribe via a 5-4 vote instead of Spencer Bledsoe at their second Tribal Council session of the season on Night 6 of the game. The tribe unanimously voted to oust one of the two players through splitting the vote.

"Ugh, I feel like I didn't really get to seize my second chance. I struggled to change in a lot of key ways to make this game work for me. I was in a totally fine position until I went crazy and blew up my game. I had an awesome opening act and then killed myself," Shirin said following her ouster.

Survivor's broadcast began on Day 4 with the Ta Keo tribe dealing with the aftermath of Vytas Baskauskas' departure.

The Ta Keo tribe consisted of Shirin; Spencer (Survivor: Cagayan); Terry Deitz (Survivor: Panama); Abi-Maria Gomes (Survivor: Philippines); Yung "Woo" Hwang (Survivor: Cagayan); Peih-Gee Law (Survivor: China); Jeff Varner (Survivor: The Australian Outback); Kelley Wentworth (Survivor: San Juan del Sur); and Kelly Wiglesworth (Survivor: Borneo).

Wiglesworth hated she was on the bottom of her tribe and knew it was time for her alliance to defend themselves. She, Woo and Terry had voted to protect Vytas.

Meanwhile, Jeff, Spencer, Shirin and Wentworth were discussing whom to vote out next. Jeff told the cameras he got rid of Vytas because he wanted to teach the old-school players how to play the game. He also thought it was a good way to befriend the newer players and earn their trust.

However, Jeff didn't want to work with the new-school players for long. He spoke to Terry abut taking out big threats -- pointing out that Spencer and Shirin were trouble. Jeff told Terry he'd love to go to the end with old-school castaways.

Over at the Bayon tribe, one player in particular was shining.

The Bayon tribe was comprised of the following players: Joe Anglim (Survivor: Worlds Apart); Jeremy Collins (Survivor: San Juan del Sur); Ciera Eastin (Survivor: Blood vs. Water); Stephen Fishbach (Survivor: Tocantins); Tasha Fox (Survivor: Cagayan); Kimmi Kappenberg (Survivor: The Australian Outback); Kass McQuillen (Survivor: Cagayan); Keith Nale (Survivor: San Juan del Sur); Monica Padilla (Survivor: Samoa); and Andrew Savage (Survivor: Pearl Islands).

Joe was, once again, acting like "The Golden Boy" of Survivor. He thought being a provider for his tribe would make for a great reason to keep him around, but his tribemates continued to view him as a massive threat because of his skills.

Joe was able to whip up hammocks and catch fish constantly. Stephen said in a confessional that Joe was the perfect guy to keep around for their well-being in the beginning but his neck had to be sliced come the merge.

In the meantime, Abi-Maria was complaining about the four votes cast against her at the previous Tribal Council. Spencer called her "a drama queen" and hated the fact he had to protect her for his own best interest. Spencer called her a "permanent liability" because she was unpredictable and sparked fights all the time, which can be "cancer" in a tribe.
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Jeff, on the other hand, viewed Abi-Maria as "the perfect tool" that could help him win the game. He knew he could beat her in the end because she was so disliked in the tribe.

On Day 5, Kass from Bayon listened to Andrew's story about how he met his wife and she actually cried. Kass explained in a confessional she planned to be "a real person" this time around in the game, expressing real emotion and making strong connections with people.

Jeremy was also affected by Andrew's story and took off on the beach to collect his thoughts. He revealed to the cameras his wife back home is pregnant and so he's competing on the show for her. He didn't plan to tell anyone though.

While Jeremy was off on his own, Stephen talked to the tribe about the possibility he was off looking for a hidden Immunity Idol. Andrew was annoyed because he realized his story had touched Jeremy and he probably just needed a minute to himself. Andrew believed Stephen was all business and lacked values that mattered most to him in Survivor -- like dignity, courage and morals. Andrew decided he wanted Stephen gone.

On Night 5, at Ta Keo's camp, Peih-Gee talked behind Abi-Maria's back to Shirin about how confrontational and obnoxious she is. Abi-Maria overheard the conversation and stood up to Peih-Gee, who was a little embarrassed to get caught but still stood by her opinion of Abi-Maria.  

Once Peih-Gee and Shirin rejoined the group, everyone started laughing at Abi-Maria when she was at a close distance. She felt horrible and went off alone on the beach to cry. She was most surprised at Shirin for making her feel like an outcast because Shirin had experienced the same treatment on her first Survivor season, that no one had her back in the game. Abi-Maria thought Shirin would therefore be most sympathetic to her.

Terry, although he wasn't a huge fan of Abi-Maria, still felt bad she was crying. He sat next to her on the beach and comforted her. What began as a nice gesture turned into an alliance. Terry told Abi-Maria that Spencer and Shirin were all about themselves, and Abi-Maria started to strategize with him. They had each other's backs going forward.

On Day 6, Jeff told Abi that he didn't want her going anywhere. She felt good to now have Terry and Jeff on her side, wanting to work with her. Abi-Maria believed these men found her to be a joy. Jeff then also talked to Abi-Maria about targeting Spencer or Shirin. Abi told the cameras her original alliance was going to regret not being there for her.

Both tribes then gathered for the season's second Immunity Challenge.

The players were required to race across a series of A-Frames while carrying rope, which they'd then use to pull a heavy crate over to them. Two players were then required to use the pieces inside the crate to solve a big puzzle. The winning tribe would win immunity and Reward in the form of a Survivor tool kit to strengthen their shelter.

For the challenge, Bayon had an extra player so they opted to sit out Ciera. Once it came down to puzzle solving, both tribes kept switching players because it was really difficult. Although it was extremely close, Bayon won again.

Spencer and Shirin were the last two people working on the puzzle for Ta Keo, so it appeared like it was their fault for losing the challenge. Jeff said in a confessional the pair had their own fate in their hands and lost it.

Once the tribes returned to camp, Spencer and Shirin truly thought they were controlling the game. Spencer gushed about how he related to Shirin more than anyone else on the island. But Jeff was gunning for him. Jeff called Spencer the smartest guy he's ever met, adding that Shirin is like a saleswoman and knows how to make best friends.

Jeff therefore spoke to Wiglesworth and Peih-Gee about voting out Spencer or Shirin. He also managed to get Wentworth to work with them, despite the fact she had been in an initial alliance with the power couple.

Shirin thought she had Spencer, Wentworth, Jeff and Abi -- until Abi revealed she flipped and wanted to work with Terry. Abi-Maria called Shirin out for not comforting her when she needed her most. Abi said Shirin made her feel like a fool and then confessed everyone was targeting her or Spencer next.

Shirin couldn't believe she had gone from the top of majority to the bottom of the minority. She explained the deal to Spencer and he was also shocked. He told the cameras he felt "frustration and exasperation." He cried about the idea of writing Shirin's name down, but it became his priority to last at least three more days in the game.

Shirin and Spencer tried to get Woo on their side but he wanted nothing to do with them, and actually told the pair he had no interest in working with them to their faces.

At Tribal Council that night, Shirin and Spencer openly talked with Jeff Probst about how they were at the bottom of the tribe and one of them was going home. Shirin expressed regret for not helping Abi when she needed it, and Spencer promised the tribe he'd only work on developing strong relationships with his tribe going forward.

Spencer confessed he talked too much strategy too early on. Spencer and Shirin were basically reliving their first games on Survivor. The Abi and Terry situation was much like her own in Worlds Apart when she was a bullied outcast and Mike Holloway came to her rescue.

Spencer was also desperately insisting he'd work with anyone who was willing to work with him. Shirin pointed out it's difficult to change your behavior entirely even though it's a second-chance game.

Probst then revealed the votes. Five people voted to oust Shirin from Survivor, while four castaways voted for Spencer. Shirin told Spencer to "give them hell" on her way out.

The episode's closing credits showed that Wiglesworth, Peih-Gee, Jeff, Spencer and Woo voted for Shirin. Spencer received votes from Shirin, Terry, Abi-Maria and Wentworth.

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