Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's merged Solarrion tribe voted out Morgan McLeod during Wednesday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition. 

Morgan, a 21-year-old former NFL cheerleader from San Jose, CA, was voted out of her Solarrion tribe at the season's eighth Tribal Council session, which marked the second time Solarrion had attended Tribal together.

"I just want to say how proud I am of myself. It was a great experience. They can say whatever they want at Tribal -- that I was spiteful, or that I was lazy -- but I could care less what they said. I mean, [Kassandra 'Kass' McQuillen] is a child, and if she was upset with me, whatever. Grow up, you're 40, get over it," Morgan said following her ouster.

Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's seventh episode began on Night 19 following Sarah Lacina's ouster.

Because Kass, a 41-year-old attorney from Tehachapi, CA, had flipped on her alliance -- which had been comprised of Kass; Sarah; Morgan; Latasha "Tasha" Fox, a 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO; Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old student from Chicago, IL; and Jeremiah Wood, a 34-year-old male model from Dobson, NC -- Kass suspected everyone would be mad at her.

Spencer knew his alliance was screwed even though they had gone into the merge with the numbers. He told Kass he wasn't personally upset with her, but he just thought she had made a bad move. Spencer explained to the cameras that Kass flew in the face of strategy in that she'd make decisions based on her feelings and "estrogen," not her brain.

Kass then told Spencer that a castaway has to piss someone off in the game in order to win, and Spencer was heated, telling her to stop talking strategy because it was an embarrassment for her. However, Kass noted she had out-strategized him, and Spencer just laughed in annoyance. Spencer told some of his allies that since Day 1, Kass had played like a "freaking idiot."

"It's like I pulled off a hat trick on Survivor. I got rid of the girl I wanted to get rid of and two big lugs played their idols unnecessarily. Triple win, right? I knew they were going to be mad, so I pissed off five people, but I gained five friends. The pissed off people are going to get over it, so I don't have an alliance. I am a free agent and everybody's mad I messed up their game because I'm playing my game," Kass said in a confessional.

On Day 20, Kass and Morgan were butting heads and argued similarly to how Kass and Sarah had gone at it. Kass said Morgan was like "an old dog" in that she just sat around all day and let people take care of her, as if she was "in a constant state of being the center of the universe." Meanwhile, Morgan ignored Kass but didn't think she was being mean to her.

"I think she's been ignored and made fun of all her life, so she should be used to this. Kass, I feel like she's just a bitter, ugly, old lady. And this sounds really conceited, but I think she hates me because I am cuter than her. I've always been cuter than her. Kass is stupid. She needs to go, so I'll make sure of it," Morgan told the cameras.

The Solarrion tribe then met Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

For the challenge, Jeff explained the castaways would be divided into two teams. They'd start on a platform, race through a series of obstacles until a chest is reached, and then drag that chest to the base of a tall tower. Once a team climbed up the tower, all the members must drag the chest to the top of it, where two people on each team must attempt to solve a shrine puzzle.

The first team to solve its puzzle would win Reward in the form of a Survivor-themed Outback Steakhouse. The castaways would get to eat steak, baked potato, and all the fixings, including margaritas and desserts.
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One team was comprised of Spencer; Morgan; Jeremiah; LJ McKanas, a 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA; and Jefra Bland, a 22-year-old former Miss Kentucky Teen USA from Campbellsville, KY.

The other team was made up of the following people: Kass; Tasha; Trish Hegarty, a 48-year-old pilates instructor from Needham, MA; Yung "Woo" Hwang, a 29-year-old martial arts instructor from Newport Beach, CA; and Tony Vlachos, a 39-year-old police officer from Jersey City, NJ.

In the end, Woo and Kass worked on the puzzle together against Spencer and LJ. Spencer's team won.

While Spencer's team enjoyed their steak feast, Tony and Kass discussed back at camp whether they should target Spencer or Jeremiah next.

Tony insisted Spencer was "influential with his mouth" and good at challenges, while Jeremiah was quiet and less threatening. Trish and Tony allowed Kass to make the decision for them since she had flipped on her old alliance for them, however, Kass didn't care who went next -- as long as it wasn't her. She just wanted to keep people feeling comfortable until she went in for the kill.

Tony hoped Kass would stick with his alliance but admitted she was very hard to read because she had a "stone face." Tony and Woo then went off looking for the hidden Immunity Idol together, the one with "different powers." Tony thought it would be a security blanket for him if he found it.

Meanwhile, when Spencer was wiping himself down after pigging out on steak, a piece of paper fell out of his napkin. He slyly put it in his pocket without anyone noticing and assumed it might be a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol. He felt it could be the game-changer he needed for himself.

Once the Reward-winning group returned to camp, Spencer slipped out of the shelter and began looking for the idol right away. Woo picked up on the fact Spencer had disappeared, so he followed and spied on him.

Spencer took his pants off to look in water nearby, and Woo acted like he was helping Spencer by throwing him his pants from a distance. When Woo did that, the clue fell out of the pants and the self-described "ninja" took off running with it in-hand. A pissed off Spencer tried to chase him down.

Woo then revealed to the rest of the tribe Spencer had found an idol clue. Woo therefore took LJ and Tony with him to search for the idol themselves, now that they also had the clue. Likewise, Spencer rounded up his own troops to help him look for the idol.

The two different alliances appeared to be on a treasure hunt. Morgan was even looking for it, and Tony was shocked about that because he said she was "more like a pillow than a person."

At one point in the search, Woo left Kass to watch over Spencer in the water. Spencer apologized to Kass for the things he had said after she jumped ship. He said it was "uncalled for." However, Spencer apparently just wanted to distract Kass because as he was digging in a wall of dirt, he discovered an idol.

The second Kass looked away, Spencer stuffed the prize into his pants and walked away. He said she was "blind" and he couldn't believe he actually found it. However, it was a normal hidden Immunity Idol, not the one with special powers. Either way, Spencer was happy he bought himself some more time in the game potentially.

On Day 22, the Solarrion tribe met Jeff again for the second Individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

For the challenge, the castaways was required to balance their toes on a tiny platform with a block wedged between their head and the top of the frame. Once a person's legs gave out and the block fell, he or she would be out of the challenge. The last person standing would win Individual Immunity.

The order of which people dropped is as follows: Kass, Jeremiah, Trish, and then Tony. After 25 minutes, Morgan and then Woo were out. After one hour, Jefra went and then LJ. After one hour and 30 minutes, Tasha dropped, leaving Spencer. Spencer won immunity.

Once the tribe returned to camp, LJ, Jefra, Trish, Kass, Woo, and Tony discussed whether they should target Morgan -- because she allegedly did nothing out there -- or Tasha, who's a bigger social and physical threat but more likely to have a hidden Immunity Idol or have it played on her behalf by an ally.

Tony believed the smart vote would be Morgan because of the potential idol. Tony didn't think anyone would share an idol with Morgan, who was like "deadweight" around camp and "didn't deserve to be there." The alliance's "Plan B" would be Tasha if crazy events unfolded at Tribal.

"As far as numbers, our alliance is in the power position right now. There's six of us against four of them, but it's not as easy as it sounds," Tony explained in a confessional.

"The problem with tonight's Tribal Council is going to be that, if Spencer found that idol, it's going to be very tricky on who we vote for. If they have an idol and we vote for the person who uses the idol, one of us six is going home. If they don't have an idol and Kass flips back with them, it'll be a tie 5-5 and we draw rocks, so one of us goes home. I'm hoping she stays with us or else it's going to cause some trouble."

Meanwhile, Spencer's alliance talked about getting rid of Kass. However, Spencer immediately disagreed and shot down that idea because, unfortunately, Kass would be the only person who may flip from the opposing alliance. She was a complete wild card.

Therefore, they decided to get Tony out, thinking he might do something stupid at Tribal and Kass would change her mind about working with him. Spencer then suggested to Kass if she flipped back with them, she wouldn't lose all her old alliance's jury votes in the end.

Kass believed the five people she "allegedly betrayed" would forgive her and get over it soon enough. She said she was banking on that when she made her move to jump ship, especially since there would be many more betrayals.

Kass then told Spencer she wasn't in an alliance; She was a free agent. So Kass explained she'd "seriously consider" Spencer's plan of voting for Tony. Kass sincerely thought Spencer had some good arguments.

"I would not want to sit next to Tony [in the end]. I think he's too charming and everybody likes him. Morgan is annoying and she's a bitch, but she's going to stay that way, so she's not really a threat. She's just extra luggage we're carrying around out here. At this point, people know I am willing to play this game. They've brought me their gameplan, and I can either go with it or change people's lives," Kass told the cameras.

"And that's how I am in the courtroom too. I do trial by ambush. It's not a recommended strategy by any legal authority. It's problem not a recommended strategy by any Survivor authority. But I love the ambush and I love the blindside."

That night, Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty's Solarrion members arrived for their second Tribal Council session -- the eighth session of the season overall.

Sarah, the season's first jury member, entered the session to observe.

Spencer admitted to Jeff things got a little out of hand in how he treated Kass after the last Tribal Council. Spencer also noted winning Individual Immunity felt good, but he was playing to win, not just extend his stay as long as possible on the island.

Morgan explained she wasn't a physical threat nor was she liked, which was why people would probably keep her around. Trish then harshly said she could add to that list of bad qualities.

Morgan didn't exactly deny doing nothing around camp, as she suggested LJ and Jeremiah had taken such good care of the girls in the beginning that she simply got used to it. Morgan also revealed she was used to that type of treatment back at home as well because of her looks. Regardless, Morgan said she'd work harder at camp going forward if people let her stay.

Jeff then suggested Kass was No. 6 in the majority alliance. Jefra disagreed, saying they were all even links on a chain. Jeff couldn't help himself by saying there's usually always a bottom to any alliance. However, Tony believed Kass was comfortable so she'd stick with them.

Jeff then noted Kass was "unpredictable" and she could very easily jump ship again and was just setting Tony's alliance up for a big blindside. The thought concerned Trish, but Trish explained her alliance would continue treating Kass just like everyone else.

Before the votes were cast, Kass said she understands the game and there was never an alliance formed or a guarantee to anyone. She said that when she goes to Las Vegas and sits down at a table with a friend, she doesn't mind beating them.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Four people voted to oust Tony from the game. Six castaways voted for Morgan.