The Smoking Gun reports that Survivor: Thailand's Brian Heidik, porn star turned car salesman and the seeming leader of the five remaining contestants, was beaten up by his wife, Charmaine ("C.C.") Costigan Heidik, an ex-porn star in her own right, as previously discussed on the Survivor Bashers Message Boards on RTVW.

According to The Smoking Gun, C.C. punched Brian in the nose, and he then called 911. Although he refused medical treatment for his bloody nose, he let his wife spend two days in lockup. Doesn't sound like a warm, loving relationship, does it?

Her criminal charges come up on December 16 -- before we know whether Brian won the million dollars. If convicted, C.C. could spend up to a year in jail.

Hmmm. Looks like C.C. may not get that trip to Fiji after all, even if Brian does win. Instead, she may get to do research for her potential next soft-core venture, "Women in Chains."