In what is sure to be a real stunning development to any viewers who have watched Big Brother 3 contestant Amy Crews continually on camera with an alcoholic beverage in hand, has reported that Chiara Berti isn't the only Big Brother 3 contestant who knows what it's like to get nailed for drunk driving and other crimes.

The Smoking Gun reports that Amy Crews, 24, was arrested in February 1999 and charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing her Toyota in a one-car accident near her Arkansas home. According to police reports, Crews's car struck a concrete mailbox, rolled onto its roof, and slid for 25 yards before stopping. When cops arrived at 3:30 AM, Crews not only failed a field sobriety test, but registered a .14 on a breathalyzer machine (in 1999, the Arkansas legal limit was a blood alcohol content of .10).

At the time of her DWI arrest, Crews was 20. Since 1935, the legal drinking age in Arkansas has been 21. In March 1999, Crews pleaded no contest in Crittenden County District Court to the misdemeanor DWI charge. She was hit with a one-year suspended jail term, fined $1000, directed to pay court costs of $300, and ordered to attend alcohol safety school and an alcohol education class.

The Smoking Gun also reports the self-proclaimed "southern belle" as having been:

- Charged with a misdemeanor charge of possession of beer by a minor in April 1997

- Arrested for reckless driving and driving with a revoked or suspended license after leading an Arkansas state trooper on a high-speed chase in December 1998

- Had a warrant issued for her arrest after she bounced a check for $6.77 in February 1999