reports that ABC's "Push, Nevada" has earned a one-week reprieve before the network decides what to do with the heavily promoted but lightly viewed series.

ABC has confirmed that a few options besides outright cancellation are under consideration. One of those includes "repurposing" - or re-airing - the show on sister cable channel ABC Family, or perhaps moving the show to cable. Kevin Brockman, ABC's senior vice president of communications, said the network is looking at "a lot" of options. "No one is running around panicking, but obviously it's not what we wanted to see last week."

"Push" has been considered a vital show for ABC in its near-desperate fight to bring back viewers. Besides the production tie with Affleck, "Push" has been ABC's poster show to prove that the network can still develop quality programs that aren't assembly-line sitcoms or standard-issue cop dramas. But "Push" (just 4.4 million viewers on Thursday) was crushed by a record-breaking "CSI" (31 million).