The hard feelings apparently kept lingering long after the cameras stopped rolling during the boardroom session that featured former The Sopranos actor Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore "resigning" at the conclusion of last week's The Celebrity Apprentice broadcast.

Although the disclosure probably means The Apprentice star Donald Trump comes up with a less drastic solution (switching teams perhaps?), NBC has announced that actor and frequent celebrity reality show participant Stephen Baldwin will follow Pastore's lead and "ask to resign from the competition" during this week's The Celebrity Apprentice episode.

According to NBC, Baldwin will cite the new tension between himself and America's Got Talent judge and fellow team member Piers Morgan as the reason he wishes to leave the competition.

It was Morgan's willingness to allow Pastore serve as a spy for the all-male Team Hydra that initially led the frustrated former Dancing with the Stars dropout to become a "double agent" and instead work with the all-female Team Empresario. 

However the all-female squad eventually cut their ties after Morgan revealed Pastore's original purpose to Empresario -- leaving Pastore feeling like "a man without a country."  After making it clear that he couldn't stand Morgan and was glad that his original team had ended up losing the competition's latest task, Pastore offered his resignation during the show's subsequent boardroom session.

Although he hadn't voiced any objection to the initial prank, Baldwin eventually decided that he was uncomfortable with Pastore's subsequent decision to (before he opted to instead become a double-agent) smuggle a note containing the details of Team Empresario's plans over to Team Hydra.

Team Hydra didn't appear to use the information to change any of its own plans, however Baldwin still viewed Morgan's decision to read the note as cheating.

"I won't compromise who I am," Baldwin, a born-again Christian, told The Donald and Ivanka during the team's boardroom session.  "I think God is watching us all."

While Morgan thought Baldwin was being "unspeakably hypocritical," the two seemed to bury the hatchet because they "work very well as a team."

The Celebrity Apprentice's next task will find each of the two teams with an empty storefront, models, a construction crew and mattresses to create a "living window" to promote Serta's Vera Wang mattresses.  Vera Wang and the Serta executive will choose the best window display, and a celebrity from the losing team will be booted.

Donald Trump Jr. and longtime The Apprentice advisor George Ross will assist The Donald during the episode, which will air Thursday, February 7 at 9PM ET/PT.