Stacey Elza said she was "definitely that girl" -- the one who appeared on ABC's The Bachelor only to imbibe too much alcohol and leave the first night with a hangover instead of a rose.

"I'd like to say that I think all of us have partied that hard -- the difference is that I got caught on national television doing it," Elza told reporters during a Thursday conference call. 

"It was a combo of nerves and not eating much that day.  I started to drink a little champagne earlier in the day... I don't remember much.  You guys watching the show was a surprise to you as much as it was to me.  I was definitely that girl."

The 26-year-old graduate student from Chicago, IL was one of 10 bachelorettes ousted by Matt Grant during The Bachelor: London Calling's premiere broadcast on Monday night.

While in her inebriated state, Elza provided one of the debut broadcast's most memorable moments when she slipped a pair of panties into the British star's pocket.

"I just wanted to spice things up a little bit -- put the attention on me, which I sure did.  I'm very spontaneous -- outgoing -- and I figured why not?" she told reporters, adding the bold move was something she had previously considered.

"But at that particular moment it was on a whim," she said.  "For the record -- I know everyone wants to know this -- they were an extra pair.  They did not literally come off my body."

Needless to say, the gesture wasn't appreciated by Grant, who commented he didn't "give a s**t what country you're from... that is not cool."

"But that's okay," said Elza of Grant's reaction.  "He wasn't my type going into it, so I figured anything I do isn't going to hurt me any ways."

When Elza first met Grant as she exited the limousine, she was surprised to learn he was from across the Atlantic.

"I'm not a sucker for accents at all.  I actually like more of a bad-boy type... More manly guys," she explained.  "I didn't know he was from London and they did not tell me that and I told them what kind of guy I like.  So I was surprised."

Elza said she was cast as a The Bachelor: London Calling bachelorette when they were looking for interested ladies in the Windy City.

"It was at a nightclub downtown and my girlfriends and I usually go out that night," she said.  "One of my girlfriends turned around and she's like, 'Let's go!'  So I went and I got called back for the second round and so on."
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Once she was cast for the ABC reality dating series, Elza said she didn't have any lofty expectations.

"I never go into anything looking for anything particular to come out of it -- I just ride with it  -- and whatever happens, happens," she explained.  "I'm only 26.  If I meet someone that sweeps me off my feet, awesome.  But I'm not going to go looking for it.  Basically I went there for the experience of it and if it happens it happens.  Obviously it didn't.  Whatever."

Despite her own questionable sincerity about finding love via the show, Elza said she thinks Grant is there for the right reasons.

"Absolutely.  I think he was definitely there to find love," she said.

Not surprisingly, Elza said she does have at least one regret about her brief The Bachelor appearance.

"Honestly, I wish I was more myself," she opined.  "Some of the things that came out of my mouth I was like, 'Wow! Who is talking?  That is not me talking!' I'm actually very intelligent and I sounded so unintelligent on the show, so I guess I regret that part.  But as far as me doing the crazy things I did?  No, I don't regret that."

Since all her drinking caught up with her, Elza passed out in one of the spare bedrooms in Grant's Malibu bachelor pad until it was time for the twelfth season's first Rose Ceremony.

"They just woke me up, with hair and makeup sitting right there getting me ready to go back downstairs," explained Elza, who knew her fate before the Rose Ceremony began.

"I knew for sure I was done."

Elza added she's toned it down a bit since her hard partying in the bachelor pad.

"It was a little wake-up call," she told reporters, adding some of the scenes from Monday night's episode were difficult to watch.  "Since I've been home I've been taking it easy for sure."

Since filming for The Bachelor concluded earlier this year, Elza said she's found someone who fits her better than Grant did.

"I am actually dating someone.  He's a really good guy," she said.  "He saw the show and all his friends saw the show and they know who I am.  So they're not judgmental upon the show.  They know me for who I am.  He thinks it's funny and he's been very supportive."