So You Think You Can Dance eliminated Robert Green and his All-Star partner Jasmine Harper, which determined the fourteenth season's Top 9 dancers, during Monday night's broadcast on Fox.

Based on home viewer votes following last week's Top 10 performance show, Robert fell into the bottom-three dancers with Sydney Tormey -- who is partnered with All-Star Paul Karmiryan -- and Logan Hernandez, who is paired with All-Star Allison Holker.

So You Think You Can Dance judges Nigel Lythgoe, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary Murphy then were forced to choose which contestant was going to be sent home. Although the judges did not arrive at a unanimous decision, the panel sent Robert packing.

"In dance, I can be myself... It's made me feel alive. I'm here to just share myself. I love evolving and I love self-expression. I think that's the most important thing in this life," Robert said in his final words.

"I'm super proud of you," Jasmine told Robert in a pre-recorded video package. "Thank you so much for being the most amazing partner ever."

When the judges deliberated on the bottom three, Nigel announced the panel was shocked by the voting results since they're all great dancers. However, Nigel noted the judges will probably be shocked by the results every week since the Top 10 is so talented.

Nigel, Vanessa and Mary first saved Logan because they said he showed what he's capable of. Logan was also at a disadvantage going into the results because Allison couldn't perform onstage with him last week due to injury.

The judges then declared Sydney was safe because although she wasn't strong last week, she showed a whole different side of herself this week.

During Monday night's show, each of the Top 10 contestants performed twice -- once with his or her All-Star partner in a style picked at random as well as a solo in the dancer's preferred style.

Robert and Jasmine danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey last night. Logan and Allison took the stage with a futuristic jazz routine choreographed by Brian Friedman. And Sydney and Paul danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Jaci Royal.

The Top 9 is comprised of Logan and Allison, Sydney and Paul, Dassy Lee and All-Star Fik-Shun Stegall, Kiki Nyemchek and All-Star Jenna Johnson, Kaylee Millis and All-Star Cyrus Spencer, Mark Villaver and All-Star Comfort Fedoke, Lex Ishimoto and All-Star Gaby Diaz, Koine Iwasaki and All-Star Marko Germar, and Taylor Sieve and All-Star Robert Roldan.
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