Musician-composer Lionel Richie says in Hollywood, Calif., rumors about his daughter Nicole's weight hurt him more than they do her.

Richie said in a Hollywood Access interview airing Monday she is aware that her weight is a concern.

"I'm more sensitive; I take it more so personal," Richie said. "I must tell you, I'm the basket case."

When asked if he talked to Nicole about being so thin, Richie said: "Of course, I mean, what are fathers for if you can't point the finger every once in a while."

He said the co-star of TV's "The Simple Life" has been told the same advice all her life, but this is a reminder.

The 24-year-old reportedly fainted while shopping last week, but Lionel Richie said she was doing "great."

Lionel Richie's latest album, "Coming Home," will be released on Sept. 12.