Sean Lowe's current The Bachelor edition will reportedly be the most chaste season ever.

The 29-year-old business entrepreneur from Dallas, TX stuck to his religious beliefs while filming The Bachelor's seventeenth edition late last year and didn't have sex with any of the women throughout the course of the season, The New York Daily News reported.

"He didn't sleep with any of the girls in the fantasy suites," a source close to Lowe told The Daily News.

"It's well known in the Bachelor circle that he doesn't have sex. But he's so charming and so polite. It's a different kind of show this time around because he's super-religious. He does party, but he also does Bible readings."

In addition, viewers reportedly won't see any other super steamy scenes this season. For example, Lowe -- who reportedly considers himself a born-again virgin -- didn't go skinny dipping with any of his bachelorettes like former The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik had nor did he have hot and heavy hookups with anyone. 

Lowe reportedly did select a bachelorette at the end of his journey, but it remains uncertain whether he got engaged. According to The Daily News, Lowe gets to see his girlfriend twice a month in secret locations ABC chooses.