American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox was apparently considering quitting the competition until Ryan Seacrest talked her out of it.

The American Idol host and E! News anchor has confirmed an earlier TMZ report that he stopped Bowersox from quitting the show's ninth season during a conversation they had two weeks ago in a parking lot, E! News reported Friday.

"The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house," Seacrest told Bowersox during the conversation, according to E! News. "You can buy your mom a house."

Bowersox -- who is largely considered to be the ninth-season's front-runner -- was contemplating quitting because she missed her family in Ohio, according to TMZ.

When Bowersox asked Seacrest, "What's the point?" he told her that if she were to remain on American Idol it could lead to a recording contract that would make her a millionaire, TMZ reported, adding several people were on hand to witness the exchange.

The 24-year-old single mother from Elliston, OH who currently resides in Toledo, OH also seemed to confirm the report in her own Friday posting on American Idol's ninth-season finalist Facebook page.

"We all have moments of doubt," Bowersox posted.  "As much as I miss my kid, the big picture is this: [I'm] doing this for him and my fans. I'm having the time of my life!"