Although this summer's Big Brother 7: All-Stars failed to deliver a ratings spark similar to 2004's Survivor: All-Stars, CBS has reportedly decided that The Amazing Race 11, set to begin filming next month, will be a long-rumored All-Stars edition featuring teams that previously competed on earlier seasons of the long-running reality show.

According to, the website has received "credible confirmation" that "contracts have been signed and racers will return for the eleventh season." While the exact number of teams that will be competing remains unknown, the website claims to have confirmed the participation of two The Amazing Race 5 teams -- "dating couple" Colin Guinn and Christie Woods and "cousins" Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan. Although it was the fifth edition of the show, the Summer 2004 edition was the first The Amazing Race edition to enjoy the ratings success that had previously consistently eluded the critically-acclaimed but ratings-challenged series.

Best known for their bickering ways, Guinn, then a 24-year-old cell phone store owner, and Woods, then a 26-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative and former 1996 Miss Teen USA, finished second on the Race edition won by "married parents" Chip and Kim McAllister. After the show's finale episode aired in September 2004, Guinn proposed to Woods live on television during a next-day appearance on CBS's The Early Show morning show. During their appearance, the couple -- who have since married -- blamed a "rotten edit" for the poor public perception of their relationship.

Considered to be one of The Amazing Race's more inspirational teams, Faddoul and Hindoyan finished sixth on The Amazing Race 5. Born one month apart in the same Syrian hospital, the 29-year-old first cousins emigrated to the United States when they were young children and live in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Faddoul, born with a form of dwarfism, co-owns a chain of sportswear stores with her husband. Hindoyan is an attorney who graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law at age 23, the youngest in her class.

Late last month, CBS announced that it had formally ordered The Amazing Race 11. According to the network -- which hasn't released any details about the show's format -- the eleventh The Amazing Race edition will premiere early next year.