Although Bravo is still keeping quiet about the future of its Being Bobby Brown series, Bobby Brown has reportedly disclosed that his reality show will be coming back for a second season.

According to Extra, Brown revealed that both he and wife Whitney Houston plan to be back for a second Being Bobby Brown season. Meanwhile, Bravo itself is continuing to remain mum about the show's renewal status, with a network spokesperson telling Reality TV World on Monday that "no decisions have been made on a new season of Being Bobby Brown."

If Brown's statement is accurate, it would appear that the two sides have overcome the financial stumbling block that he had previously cited as the reason that a second season of Being Bobby Brown had yet to be formally announced. "I'm just waiting. If they give me enough money, I'll do it," Brown had told EURweb during an early October appearance at the Black Movie Awards. "They say it’s a done deal, but they ain't give[n] me enough money yet, so I'm [waiting] for it."

Brown also claimed to have no regrets about the show, which unlike many celebrity reality shows, featured a more traditional cinema verité style that gave viewers an unvarnished and frequently unflattering look into Brown and Houston's lives. "I have no regrets in my life. I'm just thankful that God has blessed me with the opportunity to work, the opportunity to be standing on my feet, the opportunity to wake up in the morning," Brown told EURweb. "I'm just grateful."

Being Bobby Brown's first season was a summer hit for Bravo, with its two-episode June 30 premiere averaging over 1.1 million viewers for the cable network. Although originally scheduled as an eight-episode series, the show's strong ratings performance resulted in the network extending its run for two more episodes. Being Bobby Brown's first season finale aired on August 25.