What's an American Idol season without a report that Paula Abdul's job might be in jeopardy?

Although Fox declined to comment on the report, American Idol producers, frustrated by her ongoing erratic behavior, reportedly considered firing the Idol judge earlier this month.

According to a story in Us Weekly's April 3 issue, in addition to her bizarre on-camera behavior that Idol viewers have seen this season, Paula has been "very difficult" behind the scenes of Idol's latest edition, with a source telling the magazine that she has been "crying all the time and arriving late for meetings."

The producers' frustration reportedly came to a head on March 3, when Paula visited a doctor for "dehydration and exhaustion" and the producers began considering approaching two other former reality TV stars to take her place: Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. "[The] producers liked Jessica a lot," the source told Us, "and some were pushing for Britney."

Although Fox declined to comment on the report, Paula's representative denied all the allegations about Paula's behavior. "Paula is always a joy on the set and everyone loves her. If they were looking at Britney or Jessica, that's news to me."