Reagan Strange is currently competing on The Voice, and she's opening up about what her experience has been like so far.

The 13-year-old from Memphis, TN, performed "Meant To Be" during a recent episode of The Voice's fifteenth season, and both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton turned around for her. Reagan cried about making the show and Adam admitted he would have tears as well if she picked Blake.

"There was an effortlessness to your power and precision that was very Danielle Bradberry-esque. You can go all the way here. I believe that. I really do!" Adam said. "I think you're truly phenomenal, and I would give the sun, the moon and the stars to work with you."

Blake argued he has won the show with artists from many different genres other than country, but Reagan still opted to join Adam's team.

After her Blind Audition aired, Reagan talked to Reality TV World about whether she's intimidated by the long road ahead on The Voice. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: The Blind Auditions are only the beginning of a very long and stressful journey with long hours and a lot of scrutiny from fans. At this stage in the game, given your young age, were you intimidated by any of that?

Reagan Strange: My mindset, I guess, had prepared myself for what I knew was going to happen. Walking into this, I was told by my mom and my family, they said, "It's going to be a lot going into this and there will be times where it is stressful."

But I knew I was ready for it and this was something that I've always wanted. And so mentally, I was ready and I was really excited for it. So waking up knowing that I have fans and people that are there to support me keeps me going even more than before, so I really truly enjoy it.

Also during the conference call with reporters, Reagan elaborated on what it's like to compete on a reality singing competition show at her age and what her goals are for her music.

You're obviously one of the youngest contestants in the competition, but you got onstage and didn't seem frightened. Do you think your pageant past kind of played into that? What led you to being so confident?

Reagan Strange: So I would say that the biggest thing for me going on that stage is just the past performances that I've had in my lifetime. It is going onstage and knowing that my voice can sometimes make people smile and that just encourages me to do my best and really nail it up there.

Where do you see this ending for you?

Reagan Strange: I would hope to let people hear my voice and to get my music out there, and if that leads to fame, that's a really great thing for me. But really, I want people to hear my voice and my message and what I'm trying to say with my songs.
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What is your message?

Reagan Strange: Just that I want to spread joy with my music. I don't want to spread any sort of hate.  I want it to be purely joy and I want to put a smile on people's faces.

I was wondering, you were on the show where some of the contestants had been performing since before you were born. Why did you decide to try out for The Voice at such a young age?

Reagan Strange: Well, I literally have been watching the show since Season 1. I was about 6 or 7 years old when I started watching the show. And I was inside, sitting on the couch as a little girl, and I had always envisioned myself on that stage and it's always been my dream.

As soon as they lowered the age to 13, I just thought, "Now is my time. It is my time." So I just decided to fill an online submission out, and once I saw that they wanted to see me for a private call, that is when I knew.

I said, "This is my time to myself, and I'm going to do my best and see what happens."

So after that and once I ended up making it on that stage for the Blind Audition is when I knew that this is meant to be. And I guess it kind of went along with my song choice anyway so, yes, as soon as all the process just came together is when I knew that although I am so young it was my time.

Why did you choose Adam as your coach?

Reagan Strange: So I originally went in wanting either Blake or [Kelly Clarkson] and my heart was really, really set on Blake. But when I got onstage and I heard the words that Adam said, it just -- I guess my gut feeling was just telling me, Adam.

While I did really want Blake, it's just the whole mix of things. I think my heart was just also set on Adam and then in the moment, he was the name I said.

How do you juggle your time management in regard to your academics and your rehearsing and performance?

Reagan Strange: Well, especially with how much that has been going on over this past year with this amazing opportunity, I've started home schooling this year and that has helped so much to keep me on schedule with my school work.

And in the past, I even made sure I always got my school work done before I would go to any of my practices and all of my lessons and things, but this year, really it's all about scheduling and organizing for me.

I've had to lay everything out and almost do a to do list for every single day just to make sure I was getting my priorities straight.

And so, after I had completed all of that, I just make sure everything that is important to me I get done first -- all my necessities -- and then stuff that's just extra, like, curricular activities is always the last thing I do. 

Education and family are very important to me and so is singing. But I just make sure I get everything out and I lay it out to make sure I get it all done.

Is there anything you are worried to miss out since you're a teenager? What about proms or football games?

Reagan Strange: I mean, honestly, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for this opportunity as far as football games and getting to go to a movie every once in a while, but, I mean, of course I miss things like that.

But this incredible opportunity is arose for me and it's something that I've wanted for so long and the fact that I have it, I never want to complain about anything ever again.

Are you going to perform any other genres on the show, such as pop or soul?

Reagan Strange: I have more reach to the pop-soul vibe of music, and so, just the fact that I got to do pop-country in my audition and then reaching on later in the show, I can spread out to my true genre. While I don't stick mainly to one genre, I really like to spread it out all across music, and so I think the fact that I get to do that on the show is a really great thing for me.

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