Raven Gates is one of The Bachelor star Nick Viall's two remaining bachelorettes leading into the Season 21 finale.

Despite a very cold overnight date in Finland, things heated up between Nick and Raven, a 25-year-old Arkansas boutique owner, in the fantasy suite.

Raven admitted to Nick she had fallen in love with him, and Nick intended to deepen their connection that night off-camera. When the couple woke up together, Raven took to the streets frolicking and kissing dogs, clearly ecstatic over the events that had just transpired.

But Nick went off and enjoyed a subsequent fantasy suite date with Vanessa Grimaldi, who is also in love with The Bachelor star. And with the Monday, March 13 finale fast approaching, viewers will watch Nick make an extremely difficult decision between the ladies, or maybe he'll feel the need to talk away from his journey alone.

Raven hopes with her whole heart that Nick will become her future husband, and she's absolutely ready for an engagement. But can Nick picture Raven as his wife? Maybe she's the woman he has been searching for all this time.

Below is a list of 13 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Raven Gates:

- With less than $1,000 in the bank, Raven launched her Grey Suede store. It became one of the most successful businesses in Northern Arkansas within a year.

- The 5'6" bachelorette calls herself a terrible cook.

- Raven has an adorable little nephew named Maverick who has blonde hair and blue eyes.

- The most romantic present she's ever received was a diamond necklace and roses left on her car. Raven didn't even care that they were diamonds; she just never had a man buy her anything before and considered it a thoughtful gesture.

- Raven has a brother named Weston who is a police officer in her hometown.

- The bachelorette's favorite actor/actress was Brittany Murphy, who passed away, because she loved her spirit. She also seems to admire Audrey Hepburn.

- Raven rides ATVs, shoots guns and watches football, so she's just as much a tomboy as she is a girly-girl.
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- She's an athlete! Raven was a point guard on her Hoxie high school basketball team.   

- Raven was in pursuit of a law degree when she found out her father Wesley was diagnosed with lung cancer. She therefore returned home to Arkansas to be by his side, however, after treatment, he was luckily declared cancer-free.

- If she could be someone else for just one day, Raven would pick Blue Ivy to see what it's like to be the child of Jay Z and Beyonce.

- Raven would be Jasmine from Aladdin if she could be any fictional character because the princess had great hair and a pet tiger.

- The businesswoman's all-time favorite movies are Uptown Girls, Bridesmaids and Step Brothers.

- Raven told Glamour her Bachelor couple role model is Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, who got engaged on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and are still going strong because of how she was "icked out" by him at first but then grew to love him.