Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall's relationship was brought to new heights when she introduced The Bachelor star to her family in Dallas, TX.

"Everything is bigger in Texas! And my feelings for Rachel certainly match that phrase," Nick wrote in his People blog. "Rachel and I had chemistry from the night we met, and she was the one woman who consistently made me feel like I could always 100 percent be myself."

When Nick visited the 31-year-old attorney's hometown, the couple first went to church with a primarily black congregation.

"I'd been looking forward to this hometown visit ever since our first one-on-one in New Orleans. Rachel could have planned anything and I knew I'd have a good time... but I never expected to go to church!" Nick admitted.

"But I'd never been to a service like this one before. Church with Rachel was such an amazing experience. Her church is full of life and energy, it was an amazing community, and one I felt so welcome in. It was really cool to be a part of something so personal for Rachel. Also I have to admit I said a little prayer in the hopes to impress her father, Judge Lindsay."

Rachel then introduced Nick to her mother Kathy, younger sister Heather, cousin Andrea, older sister Constance, and brother-in-law Alex, who also happens to be a white man with a beard.

"As Rachel's brother-in-law Alex stated, I indeed am a white [guy]. But from day one, I've always been attracted to the woman Rachel is regardless of the color of her skin," Nick explained. "I think the two of us have always focused on who each of us were on the inside and our chemistry."

Nick was warned by Constance and Kathy, however, that being in an interracial romance isn't always easy and would come with its share of hardships.

"As Rachel's sister Constance said, we do live in a climate where race is a topic. I really appreciated how candid Rachel's family and I were able to be while discussing race, but I think it was clear to everyone that what we felt for one another was the only thing we cared about," Nick pointed out.

Nick also got to meet Lindsay's father, a federal judge, even though viewers didn't get to see the moment. The judge felt he couldn't appear on camera due to his job.

"I had an absolute blast meeting Rachel's family... I completely understand and respect that Mr. Lindsay couldn't be a part of filming -- but we did speak at the end of the evening," Nick disclosed. "He was very intimidating! I mean he is a federal judge, a man that I'd be proud to have as a father-in-law, and I can see where Rachel gets her character from."