Rachel Lindsay cut a whopping six bachelors during last week's two-night The Bachelorette event, and her decisions left some viewers wondering what went wrong.

After sending home Lee Garrett on a two-on-one date, Rachel eliminated Josiah Graham and Anthony Battle during the Rose Ceremony in Oslo, Norway.

"Going into the Rose Ceremony, I felt like I was moving forward without any remaining questions. Saying goodbye to Anthony and Josiah was really difficult, but I knew it was the right thing to do," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

"They are two amazing guys, smart, accomplished and kind. But I just couldn't see myself with them in the future. Standing in front of the remaining men I felt optimistic about the future."

Rachel and her group of guys then traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark. After enjoying a solid one-on-one date with Eric Bigger -- and giving him a rose -- Rachel cut Kenny during the subsequent group date in which the guys rowed a Viking ship and played Viking-inspired games.

However, in Kenny's case, it was a mutual decision since he missed his daughter terribly and felt he didn't have enough time with Rachel to really fall in love and be confident in the idea of proposing marriage.

After Kenny went home, Will Gaskins and Rachel enjoyed a one-on-one date in which they got to explore Sweden and soak in local culture. Will was a blast to hang out with, but Rachel realized they were missing a spark since he never took an opportunity to kiss her or embrace her.

"We went to Sweden for a fun day trip to explore a new country and our relationship. Unfortunately, it all felt like less of a date and more like a couple friends being tourists together," Rachel explained.

"As handsome and smart and optimistic as Will was, we were too far into the journey for me to be trying to pull romance out of any of these men. Maybe Will just didn't have a deep enough interest in me to get there, or maybe he did and something inside wasn't letting him fall, but after giving him a precious one-on-one and not seeing any romance blossom, I had to say goodbye."

Once Will was out of the picture and Rachel had to hand out roses at the next ceremony, Alex Bordyukov was next to go.

"I knew what I had to do and there wasn't any conversation that could take place at a cocktail party to change what I felt in my heart. Alex had intrigued me from the first night I met him. He was gorgeous, successful, brilliant, goofy, mysterious, and gentle with women -- a true puzzle," Rachel wrote in her blog.

"Unfortunately, this journey was so far outside of his comfort zone Alex never felt free enough to embrace our connection without inhibitions."

Rachel continued: "I saw him push himself and romance me, but I also felt him pull back at times. I felt terrible saying goodbye to him knowing we would never share a cute moment together again, but on the other hand cute was no longer enough at this stage to remain on my journey."