Courtney Davies has seen enough America's Next Top Model to know that her poor attitude was enough to justify her ouster.

"I could feel it," Davies told reporters about her elimination during a Thursday conference call.

"I've seen enough of the show where I know when someone's going.  You just know the type of things that they look for when they are eliminating someone.  Every cycle there's always a girl that's really pretty but she lets her emotions get the best of her, and that's what happened to me.  I know I was going home."

The 22-year-old cheer instructor from Plantation, FL who currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL was eliminated during Top Model's thirteenth-season episode on Wednesday night.

Top Model's judging panel accused Davies of giving up and sabotaging her own photo shoot with a bad attitude after she struggled due to a broken bone in her foot.

"I did have a bad attitude, and that was my fault... I shouldn't have let it get the best of me," she admitted to reporters.

"But to the point where I gave up?  I don't necessarily agree because if I would have given up, I wouldn't have even come since I have a broken leg.  Who goes when they have a broken foot to America's Next Top Model?  No one.  I don't think I gave up, but yes, I did have a poor attitude and I shouldn't have let it affect my photo shoot."

While Davies had previously broken her right ankle three times in gymnastics, the broken bone in her right foot happened during a cheerleading competition before Top Model's thirteenth season semifinals round.

"It was a weird injury actually," she said.  "I broke my heel -- a bone that doesn't normally break, broke.  The doctors were like, 'I don't know how you did this because we never see this kind of break.'  So it was one of the weirdest."

Despite acknowledging her poor attitude, Davies told reporters that the judges should have instead eliminated Bianca Richardson since it was her second consecutive week in the bottom two.

"I think they were a little harsh.  The first time me being in the bottom two, I thought it was shocking that Bianca was in the bottom two two weeks in a row and she didn't go home," said Davies.  "That's definitely deserving of going home -- if you're in the bottom two two weeks in a row, you know you should be out."

While Davies said she "understood" the judges decision and didn't think it was unfair, she still thinks her most recent photo shoot was better than Richardson's.
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"I really didn't feel like I had the worst picture, definitely not," she told reporters.

Davies can presumably take some solace in the fact that she at least made it to the season's second photo shoot -- a sentiment that couldn't be shared by Rachel Echelberger.

The 18-year-old customer service rep from Woodland, CA was unexpectedly eliminated at the beginning of the episode after she under-whelmed Wilhelmina Models president Sean Patterson during an interview.

During the interview, Patterson had asked Echelberger to put her musical theater background to use and deliver a brief performance, for which she was unprepared.

"I was never prepared.  When you go into modeling you don't expect to be asked to sing a song and for the life of me I could not think of any song out of all the musicals I've been in.  My heart was beating, it was a crazy feeling," she told reporters during a separate Thursday conference call.

"When they actually came out and said somebody had to go home I was hoping the rest of my interview would help me out. I think everyone was kind of on edge and surprised."

The rest of her interview didn't help Echelberger, and in hindsight, she says she would have sang either "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" or "I Keep on Falling."

While Davies recently opened a cheerleading gym with her family and plans on continuing with her modeling career, Echelberger told reporters she first needs some seasoning before she pursues her goals.

"I just really want to get into high fashion, but especially with my size I need to get a lot more practice, get a portfolio," explained Echelberger.  "But I want to get into beauty, commercial -- any type.  As long as I'm modeling."