Project Runway's producers increased backstage security and took more precautions than usual to try and keep the identities of the sixth-season finalists who presented their finale collections at New York Fashion Week on Friday a secret.  However someone apparently forgot to tell the show's models not to talk.

(SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to know anything about the identities of Project Runway's sixth-season finalists, please stop reading this article immediately!)

Although Project Runway's sixth-season cast hasn't been announced yet, some of the finale runway show's models have reportedly revealed information that, once they are revealed, will likely allow viewers to immediately narrow two of season's three finale designers down to a handful of possible contestants. 

Despite being stuck in legal litigation that has prevented the show from premiering its already previously-filmed episodes, Project Runway's producers still proceeded with the show's original plan to film the season's finale at New York Fashion Week last week. 

However rather than allowing the designers to publicly introduce and explain their collections, the season's finale designers were kept backstage while their collections were presented anonymously.  Given the anonymous presentation, the show also didn't feature any "decoy" collections and instead only featured collections from the season's three finale finalists.

But although they apparently didn't get to learn their names, "a few models who were in the show" reportedly shared some key descriptive information about the designers with OK! Weekly on Friday: all three of the season's Final 3 finalists are women and two of them are blondes.

Assuming the models' information is correct, Project Runway's sixth season would be the second consecutive Runway edition to feature an all-female group of finale designers.  Leanne Marshall defeated fellow female finalists Korto Momolu and Kenley Collins to win the show's fifth-season title in October.

While the identities of the three finalists are unknown, Project Runway fourth-season winner Christian Siriano said he liked the third collection best.
"I thought there were pieces I could do without but I thought they were really strong," he told OK! about the third collection.

Project Runway's sixth season has been in litigation since April when NBC Universal -- the parent company of Bravo, the cable network that aired Project Runway's first five seasons -- sued the show's The Weinstein Company production company to prevent its move to Lifetime.

NBCU claims they were not given a contractually-mandated chance to match Lifetime's offer before the production company inked a deal to move the show to the women's network beginning with its sixth season.

The ongoing lawsuit has stopped Lifetime from proceeding with its previous plan to premiere Project Runway's sixth season this month.

"We're judging this afternoon," judge Nina Garcia told OK! after the show, declining to reveal her personal favorite.

Garcia told OK! she did not have any information pertaining to Project Runway's sixth-season premiere.
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