A California punk band has filed suit in San Diego federal court claiming the CBS reality competition "Rock Star: Supernova" stole its name.

The trademark infringement suit filed by bassist Art Mitchell, drummer Dave Collins and guitarist Jodey Lawrence says they have released four albums under the name Supernova since the trio's inception 1989, MTV.com reported.

The suit names rock veterans Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clark -- the three members of CBS' Supernova who are seeking a lead singer via the reality competition -- along with Mark Burnett Productions, Rockstar Entertainment Inc. and CBS Broadcasting.

The original Supernova is seeking a jury trial along with the destruction of all "labels, signs, prints, packages, wrappers, containers, advertisements, electronic media and other materials bearing the Supernova mark," MTV.com said.

The trio -- still actively performing and getting ready to record a fifth album -- said punk rockers could wind up accidentally buying music and merchandise put out by the metal band of the same name.