You can add Phil Parham, a 41-year-old real estate agent from Greer. SC, to the growing list of people who think that Brady and Vicky Vilcan are "gameplaying."

"When Vicky said last night to [trainer Bob Harper] that Brady was not eating every four hours... total fabrication," Parham told reporters during a media conference call on Wednesday. "He had no difference in the way he was eating from the time he hit the ranch."

Phil added that he thought Bob had figured out Brady, a 36-year-old pharmacist from Houma, LA, and his wife Vicky, a 37-year-old anesthetist, but had simply stopped asking questions after the couple had lied to him.

"I think that Bob is pretty easy to be swayed, but Bob knew," he told reporters. "I felt like [he] kind of got up to the line when he asked the question and he was really pushing for an answer, but I don't think he got the answer that was the true answer."

Phil also told Reality TV World that the alleged gameplaying had hardly changed his opinion of Brady because the two never gotten along well to begin with.

"I really don't like Brady a whole lot to be honest with you," he told Reality TV World. "If you watch the show from Episode 1, my relationship with Brady was rocky. It was okay at times and then it would turn pretty rough because Brady tends to have a little bit of a temper and I would just kinda stay back from him."

"He was also 20 minutes late to everything he did. He held the whole production up, he held workouts up. Brady just does whatever Brady wants to do," Phil added.

Phil also reiterated his wife Amy Parham's recent comments that while he had brought Blue team member Heba Salama's name up during a Week 7 conversation with Brady on The Biggest Loser ranch's basketball court, his comments had not been overly critical of her.

"[The conversation] happened about a day before [my wife] got eliminated," Phil told reporters. "Basically the conversation was just to see [if there was any] wiggle room in their alliance and just to see if there was anything I could say to kind of feel him out [and] sway him away from the way I knew it was going against my wife."

"[The comments] weren't as bad, and they probably weren't as good," Phil added regarding what he had actually said about Heba compared to how Brady had chosen to interpret them. "They were probably somewhere in the middle where I might have said a couple of little things off the cuff, and [Brady] took it and, kind of like 'The Rumor Game,' a week and a half later it had escalated into 'I hate her' somehow."

According to Phil, he had remained silent when Heba publicly confronted him about the comments in last night's episode because he was at a loss for words.

"You want a quote of what I was thinking? 'You can't reason with unreasonable people.' Heba's a lot of fun to joke around with and have a good time, but she can swing a lot emotionally," he told Reality TV World. "What you did not see was that I apologized to her [for] if I had done anything to her to hurt her or offend her. But it just went on deaf ears."
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"I spent so little of my mental energy on what Heba was doing because I was gearing up for the workouts, or paying attention to the trainer and trying to get along with the other people on the show. Somehow it got so escalated in her mind that my whole attitude towards her was negative and it really wasn't," he told Reality TV World.

Phil told Reality TV World that he "saw the writing on the wall" and was not surprised when he was eliminated. Afterward, he also went as far as to claim he had actually been glad to get booted from the show.

"It's against everything in me to say 'Hey, I'm kinda glad I can go home,' but it was a long time up to that point for me where I felt it, and without the support of my wife it was me feeling like I was on an island and isolated," he told reporters. "With all honesty, that week was that tough for me that I kinda felt like, in that moment, that I'm glad I'm outta here."

However, Phil said that while he hadn't been upset about getting eliminated, his wife Amy hadn't exactly shared his sentiments.

"Oh she was mad as hell," he told reporters with a laugh. "She was so mad at me. She's a Type-A personality [and is] completely driven and going all the time."

"It didn't work out for her the week before, but when I [returned from the show] I was like 'Hey, it's your husband. I'm over here,' and she was like 'Why are you here? What are you doing here?'" he added. "She had her moment, and then she was excited because it was our 20th wedding anniversary so, a lot of those mixed emotions and that whole deal."