Longtime The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan is reportedly teaming with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to develop a new No Opportunity Wasted-like reality series that will give America's northern neighbors their own opportunity to live out their dreams.

No Opportunity Wasted, created by Keoghan, premiered on Discovery Channel in October 2004.  Each episode of the 12-episode outdoor reality series featured two or more Americans receiving 72 hours and $3,000 to complete an individual dream of their own choosing. 

No Opportunity Wasted's participants submitted their dream ideas online, but after having their "life changing challenge" selected by the show, were surprised with the news of their selection via an unexpected visit from Keoghan.  After that, they were completely on their own to determine how to use their new-found opportunity to execute their goal.   Prior to surprising the participant, the show contacted the participant's family and employer and pre-arranged for their absence. 

The participants' "dreams" ranged from 49-year-old mailman looking to play professional hockey to Vietnam veterans wanting to complete one last parachute jump with their long-lost war buddy to a 32-year-old scuba diving fanatic seeking to overcome his fear of sharks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new CBC series will be "less tailored to the outdoors" but will still be based on the same philosophies featured on No Opportunity Wasted and the No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a Life List book that Keoghan co-authored.