Petra Nemcova and professional partner Dmitry Chaplin were eliminated only a few weeks into Dancing with the Stars' twelfth season, however Nemcova feels she still fulfilled her purpose for competing on the show.

"It started with [the recent tsunami in] Japan for me and that was really my place to rebuild schools, and that's why I was on Dancing with the Stars -- to dance to raise awareness about children who are forgotten after natural disasters. So, now, the next chapter for me [is] rebuilding schools. That's what I am going to do," Nemcova said during a Wednesday morning appearance on Good Morning America.

While the supermodel and former A Model Life star's participation on the show was a successful means of achieving her desire to help her Happy Hearts Fund charity, Nemcova admitted she also accomplished a personal goal -- learning how to dance.

"Before starting the show, I couldn't even walk. My sister was laughing at me dancing and now, hopefully she's a little bit more proud for me being able to take a few steps... I dance[d] like [an] elephant. Now I dance like a butterfly," Nemcova joked.

Nemcova also explained that while the leaderboard-topping waltz she and Chaplin danced on Dancing with the Stars' April 4 performance show was her best performance of the season, it was also the toughest dance for her emotionally.

"Yes. It has been very, very hard, but I tried to bring as much [positivity] and as much possible change... Dmitry helped me through all of it," the supermodel said. 

"Well, I think the waltz was the perfect combination of the story, of the music, the emotions, and everything when it all came together. It was a special number for us at least," Chaplin added.

"Everything was so special. The story was really about raising up from sadness to strength... It was a story about starting the Happy Hearts Fund and it was very dear to me. So, the dance was extremely special," Nemcova said.

In addition, Chaplin handicapped the potential of the remaining couples to win the competition even though he said it could still be anyone's game.

"I don't know. I'm supporting everybody. At this point, it's so unpredictable. Every single week, nobody knows who's going to go home, who's going to be on the top of the leaderboard -- it's very unpredictable. I have no idea. So far, I know that [NFL football star Hines Ward] and [partner Kym Johnson] will go far from watching them perform. They are really good and stable," Chaplin suggested.

I think [actress and former Kirstie Alley's Big Life star Kirstie Alley] and [partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy] will probably go far and [Disney Channel star Chelsea Kane] and [partner Mark Ballas]. Everybody's doing great."