Peter Kraus caught Rachel Lindsay's eye and captured her attention from the start of The Bachelorette season, but as her search for love comes down to the wire, their romance has seemingly plateaued.

"Peter reassured me he was closer than ever to being in love, but he was not there yet," Rachel wrote in her People blog.

"Although there is something about the sentiment with which Peter says and does the small things with me that tells me he's closer to it than he's letting on, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous he'd never get there."

In the latest The Bachelorette episode, Peter brought Rachel to his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, where the 32-year-old Dallas attorney met his family and friends.

Ironically, Wisconsin is also where former The Bachelor star Nick Viall's family has planted roots.

"I couldn't believe this journey took me back to Wisconsin, but Peter and Nick couldn't be more different," Rachel noted.

"My day started with the cutest thing. I was waiting for Peter in the park and he had a local come find me and hand deliver a date card he had written for me. I loved that our relationship led Peter to tap into his creative and artistic side that had been neglected for the past few years."

Rachel continued, "As he led me through the Madison farmer's market, I realized that this down-to-earth life could be the balance I'd been looking for. Peter's calmness really compliments my free-spirited soul."

Rachel revealed that during the day portion of their date in Wisconsin, a small crowd of fans followed them around everywhere.

"[The scene] eventually turned into a full-on mob by the time we got to the whisky bar. I think there were mostly ladies following us, and they were definitely more interested in meeting handsome Peter than myself -- and I couldn't blame them one bit. I mean, come on, look at him!" Rachel gushed.

"Meeting Peter's friends for drinks was a nice surprise. I had kind of rolled my eyes and chuckled when he told me eight out of 10 of his friends were black a week ago, but sitting across from the two couples actually was a window into what life with Peter in Madison could look like. Honestly, it sounded great."

Rachel said she loved meeting Peter's friends and the gathering made her "so much more excited" to meet his family. 

When that time came, Rachel revealed the visit turned out to be everything she would expect from a warm Midwestern family.

"The only moment that evening that took me by surprise was his mother's statement that she did not think that Peter was ready for a proposal at the end of this journey," Rachel confessed.

While Peter was clearly embracing the dating process and welcoming Rachel into his life, he declined to say "I love you" to Rachel and admittedly struggled with reservations about getting engaged following such a short courtship.

The personal trainer and business owner told his mother, "I think I'm ready," when talking about a possible proposal, but he clearly had doubts.

Peter's mother later explained to Rachel that her son was definitely prepared to enter a committed relationship; however, he may hold off on popping the question.

"I started becoming concerned Peter may not be able be totally open to the notion that this journey could take our relationship to place where he would want to propose in the next few weeks and now his mom was saying it wasn't necessary," Rachel wrote in her blog.

Rachel said that, as The Bachelorette's thirteenth-season star, she was "looking for something different."

"I did not come all this way and make these sacrifices to have a boyfriend at the end of all of this. I was looking for some thing deeper and I am looking to find that with someone who wants that same thing as me," Rachel explained.