Paul Calafiore previously admitted he's "not proud" of his actions when addressing rumors he had cheated on girlfriend Danielle Maltby with The Challenge co-star Cara Maria Sorbello, but now he's singing a different tune.

The former Big Brother houseguest and Ex on the Beach star seemed apologetic when telling E! News earlier this week he has "destroyed the one person" that believes and brings out the best in him. He said he wanted "privacy" while working to "repair" himself in light of the cheating scandal.

But on Friday, Paul posted a series of tweets, ranting about how hard it is to be faithful in a relationship -- seemingly confirming he had a fling with Cara while taping MTV's The Challenge: The Final Reckoning.

"This PSA is inspired by the last freestyle battle in the movie 8 Mile. Everyone's been talking for me and there's certain things I can and can't say, so here it is. Let me start on infidelity, I'm not married and I don't have children. Do I one day hope to have them? Absolutely," Paul, 29, wrote on Twitter.

"For now I can't be monogamous to one person, I've tried and it doesn't work. I love women, I have a lot of female friends and sometimes I fall for multiple at a time for different reasons whether it's the sex or the energy shared between the two of us. I try to be faithful but I can't."

Paul's statement seems to be an attempt to justify his alleged behavior, although Us Weekly reported on Monday that Danielle -- who competed on The Bachelor's 21st season and also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise last summer -- is "devastated" by the news.

"Do I do it on purpose? No because I feel strongly for these people. I don't mean to hurt these women because other than infidelity, I treat them like gold," Paul tweeted.

"Right or wrong this is who I am and I admit it. I do not care about being hated, I'm not here to please people or be your golden boy. I try to work on myself every day.

Paul, nicknamed "Paulie" on Big Brother, then decided to talk about people considering him "a misogynist."

"I have no prejudice against women, I love women. However, if you're going to come at me or try to trash me, I'm going to come back at you equally as harsh with my words as I would against a man because I believe in equal opportunity clap backs. I'm nobodies punching bag, period end of discussion. If you don't like my responses then don't follow me," Paul continued.

"I'm an intense and passionate person, that's who I am and it's not going to change. Hate me or Love me, I don't really care," he concluded in his Friday Twitter rant.

"You'll never get the details of my life because that's for me and my circle, what the world sees is a fraction of who I am. If you want to understand me as a competitor, lover, and tortured soul, listen to all the Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, and Bruno Mars albums. I'm not politically correct because I don't believe in censoring my mouth."

Paul noted he's a "cutthroat" kind of guy, sarcastically adding, "I'm a piece of sh-t. Go f--k yourself."

Yesterday, Cara told MTV in a joint interview with Paul that they had a connection "the day" the met and Paul told Danielle "everything" once filming of The Challenge wrapped.

"As soon as I got my phone, I let [Danielle] know that I had messed up royally, but I was going to continue doing what I was doing and that our relationship wasn't going to work," Paul said.

Paul and Danielle went Instagram official with their relationship back in January, so they've been dating for about six months.

As for Cara and Paul's romance, it's expected to play out on The Challenge: The Final Reckoning, which premieres July 10 at 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

Paul memorably had a rocky showmance with his fellow houseguest Zakiyah Everette on Big Brother's eighteenth season. Zakiyah felt Paul had screwed her over in the game, but the couple reunited in the jury house despite criticism from her friends.

Paul -- who was 27 years old at the time of filming -- had become a villain by that point in the season due to some controversial comments he made about women in the house, especially BB18 houseguest Natalie Negrotti.

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