Paul Abrahamian is running the show on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

As a returning player, Paul, a 24-year-old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA, entered the Big Brother house with a big target on his back, but he's done an amazing job at making allies and convincing most of his fellow houseguests he's on their side.

Cody Nickson previously tried to nominate Paul for eviction, but thanks to a "Den of Temptation" advantage Paul accepted, he was safe from eviction for several weeks. Paul later managed to kick Cody out of the house, although the former Marine returned by winning the "Battle Back Showdown."

Ever since then, it's been a war between the "alpha males" -- as Cody calls them -- but Paul has the numbers. Paul is currently Head of Household, and he put both Cody and Jessica Graf on the chopping block.

However, he'll probably be shocked to discover Jessica can use "The Halting Hex" to save both herself and her boyfriend this week. Will Paul recover from an HoH reign that will probably be a total wash?

Below is a list of 7 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Paul Abrahamian:

- Paul, known for constantly yelling "Friendship," was the youngest person on Big Brother's 18th season, as he was only 23 at the time.

- Paul owns a clothing brand called Dead Skull Apparel, which includes clothes for both men and women.

- Dogs are everything to him, and he hated leaving his babies behind to appear on Big Brother. He has no issue with kissing a random person's dog on the street.

- Paul has a wide range of tattoos, including ones that read, "LIVE FAST, NEVER DIE," and "ROCK N ROLL FOREVER."

- The houseguest is a spontaneous thrill-seeker. He enjoys crowd surfing, traveling, hiking and sightseeing.

- Paul is in a new band called Strangefaces and they just released their first music video in June for the song "California Poison."

- The BB houseguest once cheated death by walking out of a car accident scratch-free when he had totaled the vehicle.