Paul Abrahamian has been quite the character on Big Brother's currently-airing 18th season.

Paul, a 23-year-old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA, entered the Big Brother house outspoken and boisterous, and while it annoyed some of his fellow houseguests at first, it appears everyone has come to appreciate his personality and love him as a friend.

As Paul would say, "Friendship!"

Early in the game, Paul was on the outside of the house's majority alliance when he initially aligned himself with early evictees Victor Arroyo and Jozea Flores. However, Paul worked his magic and somehow gained enough trust with Paulie Calafiore to work with the people running the show.

Paul is smart and uncovered Big Brother's room last week and followed it up by winning the most recent Head of Household competition -- so can he continue to outwit his fellow houseguests and win more competitions?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Paul Abrahamian:

- Paul plays guitar for the band Reviver.

- Paul owns a clothing brand called Dead Skull Apparel, which includes clothes for both men and women.

- Dogs are everything to him, and he hated leaving his babies behind to appear on Big Brother.

- The houseguest records music, and believe it or not, he occasionally serenades women with Justin Bieber hits.

- He tries to give back. Paul participated in a feeding the homeless charity event through the "Lunch On Me Challenge."

- Paul can't get enough coffee and beer, and he really prides himself on his trendy hair and long beard.

- He once cheated death by walking out of a car accident scratch-free when he had totaled the vehicle.

- Paul has a wide range of tattoos, including ones that read, "LIVE FAST, NEVER DIE," and "ROCK N ROLL FOREVER."

- The houseguest is a spontaneous thrill-seeker. He enjoys crowd surfing, traveling, hiking and sightseeing.

- Paul is well aware of the fact his blunt and dry humor can often rub people the wrong way.