If Ashlee Williss had the chance to serenade The Bachelor: London Calling star Matt Grant one more time, the singer/songwriter knows exactly what song she'd choose -- a tune she penned called "Waste My Time."

"The chorus is, 'Why do I waste my time on a piece of s**t like you,'" Williss told reporters during a Thursday conference call.  "Hopefully one day I'll get to sing that to him."

Grant felt he didn't have much of a connection with Williss beyond her music -- a sentiment that didn't sit too well with her after her rejection during Monday night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series.

"I think that he could have had a more open mind about the whole thing," said Williss. 

"But from his standpoint -- he's a businessman -- it doesn't really mesh with the musician's life.  I've got a crazy life.  I'm on the road all the time.  It's pretty crazy.  I guess I understand now why he made his decision.  But I still think he could have made it work.  I have relationships that have worked long-distance for a while."

The 22-year-old from Jacksonville Beach, FL who currently resides in Los Angeles never got the chance to see if it could work with Grant, and she swears that the two did discuss things other than her music.

"We did have a little bit of time together to talk about other things that I thought we connected on that I guess he forgot.  I don't know," she told reporters during the call.  "I think that music is always going to be who I am.  I think that love is love.  I don't think I would have been able to put [a relationship with Grant] above [my music].  I think it would have been equal."

Williss had survived The Bachelor: London Calling's first three Rose Ceremonies and Grant stated he was smitten by her vocal abilities, going as far as to comment that he was "mesmerized" by her singing.  Still, Williss said she was never sure of her standing with the show's star.

"The whole time I was on the show, I felt like, 'Oh my God I'm going home!  He doesn't like me as much as he likes the other girls!"  So I guess every Rose Ceremony I thought, 'Oh my God I might be going home!'" she said.  "But I stayed each time, so I was a little shocked [to be rejected] because I thought he'd probably keep me around."

Williss said she had thought The Bachelor: London Calling's cast "was already set" when she received a call from a friend in casting. 

"My friend called me, and he knew one of the casting directors for the show," she explained.  "He said they were looking for one girl -- kind of blonde -- to make the show.  So I went on an interview that day and they liked me."

Despite being only 22-years-old, Willis said she's been looking for someone to settle down with "for a while" and The Bachelor came calling at an opportune time.  Or so she thought.

"This was kind of the perfect timing.  Obviously it didn't end the way I would have liked it to," she said.  "But it was fun and I was looking [for love] and [Grant's] a great guy."
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While she's five years younger than The Bachelor: London Calling's British star, Williss said she never thought that would be an issue.

"I usually dates guys older than him even.  So I didn't think the age difference was bad at all," she said.  "I think he did probably."

Williss said she was "surprised" to hear some of the catty comments that the other bachelorettes made about her during her time on the show.

"You get to know all these people and then you hear them say little comments here and there.  I just took it all in stride," she explained.  "I think Chelsea said some things I didn't think were very nice."

She also commented on Robin Canfield, a 22-year-old advertising coordinator from Holland, MI who doesn't seem to be liked by many of the other girls.

"There are some good things about her -- but there are good things about everyone and bad things about everyone," said Williss with a laugh.  "I just think she had a personality that clashed with a lot of the girls."

As for who will ultimately win Grant's heart, Williss said she's had a hunch since Day 1.

"I felt like I've known the entire time -- right from the very first day -- I thought it was going to be Amanda," said Williss.  "He picked her for the first-impression rose, and he always has a different kind of energy when she was around."

When it comes to her music career, Williss said she "had a bunch of things going" before appearing on The Bachelor.

"I dropped everything to do the show.  So some of those things are following through, which is good.  But they don't have anything to do with being on the show," she told reporters, reiterating that anything she currently has in the works is "not pertaining to the show."

However Williss said she does draw inspiration for her music from her own life, meaning her The Bachelor experience could subsequently end up on an album some day.

"I wrote a couple songs when I was on the show, and obviously when I came back I wrote a little angry one about Matt," she said.
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