Simon Cowell likened Kady Malloy's onstage personality to a "robot" -- a sentiment the American Idol seventh-season semifinalist couldn't completely comprehend.

"I never really understood what he was saying.  Maybe some day I'll understand, but I still don't really get it," Malloy told reporters during a Friday conference call.  "I just felt like I couldn't please Simon no matter what.  I did my best and I think I did well and I went out with a bang like I wanted to."

The 18-year-old from Houston, TX was eliminated during last Thursday night's live results show broadcast that saw the Top 12 finalists revealed.

"I'm not surprised.  I wanted to make it, but I have no hard feelings," Malloy said of her ouster. "I was a little bit surprised just because I know that my fans are killer!  I had amazing fans, and I know that they'll still support me.  I'm a really lucky girl for that."

In addition to fan support, Malloy also received compliments from Idol's judges throughout the early stages of the competition, beginning with her Dallas audition.

"After my audition I was ecstatic.  I was in shock," she said.  "I went in there thinking, 'Oh [Cowell's] going to hate me and bash me.'  He actually liked me.  It was really crazy for me.  Then going into Hollywood Week, I tried to pick songs that would suit me.  I guess it did well for me."

However Malloy suffered a minor setback during the Hollywood Round, as she was one of several subsequent semifinalists who didn't receive much face time.

"Whenever I was watching the Hollywood [Round] episodes, I was like, 'Where am I?'" she recalled.  "But that's how it was edited I guess."

Malloy "massive lack of personality, according to Cowell, wasn't the only criticism she received, as her vocal impressions of other recording artists -- from Shakira and Cher to Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears -- also came under some fire from the judges.

"It seems like they would always try and make me feel like I didn't have my own voice," said Malloy.  "I can't help but have my own voice.  My voice is my voice."

As negative comments from Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson came her way, Malloy said she eventually learned how to deal with it.

"Whenever the judges talked to me I kind of just tuned them out," she said.  "Because they're only three opinions honestly, and they're no more important than anybody that's walking on the street today.  When it comes to music, everybody's opinion is equal to me."
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Idol's seventh season wasn't Malloy's first foray in the music industry, as she previously released a self-titled album with producer Nick Trevisick.

"I just don't think that that's very important because this industry is so unpredictable," said Malloy of her previous experience.  "Anybody can fail at an album, and these days, anybody can pretty much get a record deal too.  A second chance -- it's just based on talent anyway -- a second chance is fine."

Despite experience as a recording artist, participating in Idol still taught Malloy a thing or two about the business.

"I learned to be true to yourself -- no matter what anybody says, keep your head up and keep going," she said.  "Definitely I learned more about the music industry.  I saw the good, the bad and the ugly."

While Malloy plans on continuing to pursue music, she's not exactly a one-trick pony.

"I definitely want to open an animal shelter and I'm definitely going to keep working on my music," she said.  "Eventually, I also want to open up a camp for kids and I definitely want to be a spokesperson for gay rights. My best friend is gay... I just think that you shouldn't define somebody by their sexuality."