Olivia Caridi may not be perfect, but The Bachelor star Ben Higgins believes it's never acceptable for other women to point that out behind her back. In fact, he "hated" watching the situation unfold on TV.

At the beginning of the cocktail party on The Bachelor last night, Higgins revealed two individuals who were close to his family and community tragically died in a plane crash. When the Bachelor desperately needed comfort and positivity, Caridi immediately pulled him away for some alone time to talk about her "ugly legs" and "cankles."

Not ideal timing.

"It was hard news to take at that time. It put things into perspective for me and also helped me realize that all I wanted was to be around the women. These women had become so important to me already, and I thought if anyone could help in this time, it was them. Which is why I was bit thrown off when Olivia pulled me to talk to me about her insecurities about her legs," Higgins wrote in his People blog.

Higgins was so put off he handed out his very last rose at the season's third Rose Ceremony to Caridi. The Bachelor was clearly trying to make a point, but Caridi was so confident in their relationship, she viewed Higgins' gesture as "saving the best for last."

However, Higgins was unaware a group of girls -- which included Haley Ferguson, Amber James, Lace Morris and Leah Block -- cruelly poked fun at Caridi's appearance behind her back during a prior group date when she took off with Higgins. The bachelorettes laughed about how Caridi has really ugly toes, fake breasts and bad breath.

If Caridi had insecurities about those aspects of her body before, they worsened when Jami Letain informed her of the gossip.

"Obviously I understand more now after seeing what had happened on the group date, but at the time I was really looking for someone to show me comfort and really check in on how I was doing, and I was just a bit thrown off by that [leg talk] with Olivia," Higgins explained.

The Bachelor wasn't bothered by Caridi's aggressive nature because he hoped to be the women's priority, but Higgins did have an issue with the girls talking badly about her.

"I did have a problem with was some of the things the other women were saying about [Olivia]. I can understand not liking someone, and I honestly didn't expect all of these women to get along -- especially with all the attention I have given to Olivia the first couple of weeks -- but to start making fun of minor imperfections really upset me, and I hate to see what I know are wonderful women fall into that," Higgins admitted.

"Knowing now about the group date, I am really appreciative that she was able to open up to me about something that I am sure was not easy for her, but I have to admit that at the time that was just a little bit odd to me... I'm really not trying to make it all about me, but that was a hard night for me and I really needed [support]."

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.