Professional numerologist Hans Decoz says rapper Flavor Flav made a good choice with Deelishis, the winner of his U.S. TV series "Flavor of Love."

The reality show features 20 women competing for the rapper's attentions, with Flav narrowing down the choices over the course of a season.

By analyzing the numerology of the newfound couple's individual names and personality traits, Decoz said the second season winner of "Flavor of Love" is a good match for the former Public Enemy rapper, said

Using America Online Horoscopes, the numerologist claims that Deelishis and Flav "have qualities that would make them compatible, or at the very least help us understand what attracted them to one another."

Decoz also claimed numerology revealed that Flav, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is strongly connected to money and power, while his new female counterpart is tied to risks and rewards. said that while the couple may indeed match up well together from a numerologist's standpoint, a likely third season of the popular VH-1 series would mean a new romance will soon be in the works.