Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is shooting down the idea her husband Jionni LaValle is a cheater.

The Snooki & Jwoww and former Jersey Shore star posted a photo from her wedding on Instagram with a long caption Tuesday that ultimately denied LaValle, her husband of almost one year, had subscribed to the infidelity website Ashley Madison.

"This morning when I got a call from my publicist that a story was going to be printed on my husband 'allegedly' signing up on Ashley Madison, I laughed -- and said lets not even comment and give the story any juice, because it couldn't be any further from the truth," Polizzi wrote alongside the adorable picture.

"But now seeing how it's the 'news of the day' and everyone is wondering what I think about it -- here it is. Jionni is the most humble, respectful, and most loyal souls I know. I mean hello, that's why I married him. He's a stand up guy who loves his family more than anything in this world."

Polizzi and LaValle have two children together: Giovanna Marie, who turns 1 next month, and a three-year-old son Lorenzo. She further insisted the tabloids "deliberately make stories up."

"[Tabloids] print things like 'Jionni LaValle ALLEGEDLY and MAY HAVE signed up on Ashley Madison' is absurd. I can see if there is proof in the story to make it legitimate, but to accuse my husband of something he had no idea about... HOW IS THAT LEGAL? I really didn't even want to acknowledge this absurd story, but when my family is being bashed for no reason -- mama bear is gonna say what's up," Polizzi continued.

"So no, my husband didn't sign up on that website to cheat on me. Honestly, if he wanted to cheat -- he would go out and do it. Not sign up on a website and pay for it. Jionni is a good guy and doesn't need his name being tarnished. Nor does our family. We did nothing wrong to deserve this. So with all of this said, I love you babe."

The reality TV star admitted although she's "a pain" in her husband's "ass," she knows he "would never cheat" on her.

"Especially on a lame ass website. @jlavalle5 #myfamilyrocks," Polizzi added.

An account was registered under LaValle's email address on the extramarital-affair website Ashley Madison, which indicates he tried to cheat on his wife or another person used his email. Last week, hackers leaked stolen information of more than 37 million Ashley Madison subscribers.